Putin's landslide victory over Navalny makes headlines

Alexei Navalny has died, and even if the circumstances of his death are unclear, there is a deep conviction that his disappearance should be attributed to Vladimir Putin. This poses a challenge to the early newspapers, because the Russian president – ​​and the former KGB – were careful not to be caught red-handed at the crime scene, whether figurative or literal. The solutions to fill this small but profound gap of certainty were imaginative, and all the newspapers mentioned the dead, but also the alleged executioner, due to the contagion of appearing in the same sentence. “Putin scares the world with the killing of the opposition martyr” is what caught my attention the most, because he does not even write Navalny’s name, which is a simple tribute to someone who sacrificed his life to stand against the revolution. mayor Country He finds another way to accuse him, by intervening: “The US and the EU blame Putin for Navalny’s death in prison.” It's the same thing he does Voice of Galicia: “The world points to Putin over the death of Alexei Navalny.” Obviously, this “world” includes them. Formula the reason It's an interesting phrase: “Putin scores another victory by assassinating Navalny in batches.” In caseNewspaper, the title is “Aleksei Navalny, Putin’s No. 1 Enemy, Dies in Prison,” and this character-recognition indent is also meant to refer to his executioner. No more the world He dares to accuse the Russian leader frankly: “Putin puts an end to Navalny in his attack on the free world.”

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Russian dissident Alexei Navalny in an archive photo the moment he was arrested during a demonstration in Moscow.

There is an obscene point in the way Putin with his sombre presence taints the headlines of Saturday's newspapers, which, out of a desire for precision and severity, are on the verge of branding him a murderer. Like me now, I guess.

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