“Another six months to help Kiev”: Why is American support declining?

“Another six months to help Kiev”: Why is American support declining?

close Avoid to Joe BidenBut the game with NATO and Kiev could get really tough. also. after weekend In order to delay the time needed to overcome the blockade of accounts in Congress, no response or news has yet arrived regarding the future of the “checks” for Ukraine. As tensions rise, one early supporter now appears to have “abandoned” Kiev: Elon Musk He targeted the Ukrainian president, taunting him about his ex-wife Twitter. “When five minutes pass and you haven’t asked for help for Ukraine“, Musk wrote, reposting X A version of the famous meme “Stressed face“.

Combat-close It will not affect the aid provided to Kiev, according to Biden

A bad blow to the balance of conflict which, along with Electoral victory in Slovakia for the FlorusiansIt risks undermining certainty in Kyiv. For this reason, the US President intends to contact allies to reassure them about continued US support for Ukraine. The agency reports this Bloomberg Citing some sources who indicated that the phone call could take place as early as Tuesday.

The agreement that passed through Congress, which will prevent a dispute for at least another six weeks, did not mention any money for Ukraine at all. It is a compromise settlement that is easy to vote on without the declared support for Ukraine worth six billion dollars. Representatives of the two parties in the US Congress initially announced that they were convinced that a law would soon be approved to allocate the funds allocated to Kiev, which they promised during the bilateral meeting in the White House between Biden and the Ukrainian president. Volodymyr Zelensky.

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This is also why, shortly after the vote that resolved the tensions, Biden wanted to call on him to respect the system Loudspeaker From the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, demanding respect for commitments, after the mistakes that occurred in the past few days. “We can’t for any reason – The President announced – Stop US support for UkraineThe White House is therefore awaiting new moves from members of Congress in the coming weeks, but it is clear that the tug of war over aid to Ukraine will be affected by the balance of numerical power even in six weeks, when the bogeyman from… close.

Hypotheses And sj

To reignite fear of support heading towards a flat EEG, even if it is from an unexpected source e.g Wall Street Journalwhich assumes that Pentagon funding for Ukraine is running out. This would be $5 billion remaining in US defense coffers to guarantee weapons and security assistance to Ukraine, after lockdown rescue measures.

In practice, the available aid is only enough to cover six months and is equivalent to 12% of the total $43.9 billion provided by the United States since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of last year. Clarification of accounts Pentagon This comes after an accounting error was discovered in May that allowed Ukraine to take more money than Washington could actually afford.

A grave mistake on the part of a superpower, which is also related to the method of evaluating the supplied weapons. Embarrassing gaffe or fig leaf? In the face of widespread fears, the defense ministers of Washington and Kiev held a conversation last Sunday in which US support for Ukraine was emphasized, and Kiev’s security priorities were discussed.

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The Kremlin’s reaction to the agreement on close

It did not take long for the comments to arrive from the Kremlin, he said Dmitry Peskov. In fact, the spokesperson asserts that the United States remains involved in the conflict in Ukraine, despite Congress’ decision to cancel planned aid to Kiev to avert the crisis. close It is a “temporary reality.”

According to Mosca, the opposite trend has now begun, and as the election campaign reaches its climax, the “abandonment” will be more evident. For Peskov, this vote shows that war fatigue is growing in the United States, as well as in Europe, but above all it will bring “More contradictions“And likewise for”Fragmentation of the political institution“, referring to internal balances within NATO and the European Union.

Kyiv’s reaction to the man who escaped close in the United States of America

It would be a great happiness for Putin, and not only for him, but for all authoritarian regimes, if the United States withdraws the aid it guarantees to our country.“. He expressed himself this way in an interview with CNNNational Security Advisor of Ukraine, Oleksiy DanilovThis is after President Biden signed the text approved by Congress, which abolished this close. He throws it at the Messianic, and Danilov predicts it.”Darkness can quickly overwhelm many countries“Convinced that”Americans must choose between light or prepare for truly unexpected events that may occur“, although he declared that he was sure that Americans and members of Congress would be able to make the wisest decision.

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And he thunders:We have to see whether the United States will be responsible for democracy in the world, whether it will remain the country that supports democracy or whether it will be the country that will stand idly by while authoritarian states seize more and more territory. “If the United States is a bastion of democracy in the world, the answer should be clear to everyone.” “We know that a political process, an electoral process, has begun in the United States. We do not interfere in this process in any way, but we would very much like it not to affect the development of democracy in the world,” he noted.“.

From Kiev, fears of American and European fatigue, especially in light of the American elections that may favor the Republican Party, reveal the future horizon in the wake of the closure that was avoided. What could happen if the stop came from the USA and Europe?anything could happenZelensky declared, adding how “L“Ukraine must mature and understand that at some point we may find ourselves alone“, a phrase he repeated throughout the summer.

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