Putin does not want to negotiate peace

Putin does not want to negotiate peace

White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said that Beijing is ready to present a document defending the principle of territorial integrity and sovereignty of a country, but “at the moment it does not seem that Russia is ready to start peace negotiations.”

Putin meets Wang Yi in Moscow

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Chinese Deputy Ambassador to the UN Dai Bing said in his address to the UN General Assembly that China has a “peace plan” to resolve the conflict in Ukraine and will unveil it “soon”. Play a constructive role in resolving the Ukrainian crisis and establishing peace as soon as possible.

Chinese plan for peace in Ukraine

The plan was announced by Beijing’s foreign policy chief, Wang Yi, at the Munich Security Conference, but has yet to be officially released. In his speech, Wang Yi said that China will present “a document stating its position on a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis. This war cannot continue,” specifying that Beijing is “steadfast on the side of peace and dialogue.”

UN Ambassador Zhang Jun described it as a “positioning” text, not peace.

For the Secretary General of NATO, there are “indications that China intends to supply weapons to Moscow.”

The document is divided into about ten points. The first envisages respecting the principles of territorial integrity and sovereignty, followed by a request for security guarantees for both parties. Moreover, China also calls for a cease-fire and halting NATO-guaranteed arms supplies to Kiev to defend its territory.

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It is also required to ensure that there will be no nuclear or chemical weapon attacks, as well as the safety of Ukrainian power plants to avoid an escalation of the conflict.

United States: “Putin does not want to negotiate peace”

“We want to see the end of the war” and this “could happen if Putin decides to stop the war,” but “at the moment we see no reason or evidence that Russia is willing to negotiate.” This was stated by White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre in response to a question about the peace proposal announced by Beijing.

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