Le Pen accuses New Popular Front of carrying out her ‘attack on the Capitol’

Le Pen accuses New Popular Front of carrying out her ‘attack on the Capitol’

MADRID, July 10 (Reuters) –

National Reunification Party leader Marine Le Pen accused the New Popular Front on Wednesday of carrying out its “own attack on the Capitol” as the alliance faces the challenge of forming a coalition government after winning the general election.

This is what he referred to in the United States on January 6, 2021, when a crowd of supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed Congress with the aim of obstructing the certification of the results of the presidential elections that were held two months earlier in the American country.

In parallel, Le Pen indicated that the New Popular Front was obstructing the formation of a government in France, and confirmed that it wanted to “occupy Matignon by force,” according to statements collected by the newspaper “Le Figaro.” He stressed in this regard that “national representation cannot be distorted indefinitely.”

“I arrive at the council with a group of MPs who came first in the elections in terms of the number of votes. (…) This only postpones matters,” he said at the entrance, alongside a number of members of the National Rally party.

“We are at a dead end because we do not know where the next prime minister will come from. This is not a success for President Emmanuel Macron and his movement,” he added, before denouncing the “practically factional” positions of the La Fran├ža Insubmisa movement – which forms part of the New Popular Front along with other formations.

He also stressed that the left wants to “occupy Matignon by force.” He explained that “this is its aggression.”

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