A man armed with a gun outside Joe Biden’s home was stopped by secret services with a sign reading “CRIMINALS”

A man armed with a gun outside Joe Biden’s home was stopped by secret services with a sign reading “CRIMINALS”

a Armed man He was stopped outside the US President’s house Joe Biden. The stranger wore a reflective vest and waved a sign bearing insulting words toward the resident of the White House and his son. Hunter. The man was monitored by a journalist and the Secret Service as he walked toward the president’s residence DelawareWhere Biden will go over the weekend.

Gunman outside Joe Biden’s house

As the Daily Mail reported, on Sunday, September 17, a man wearing a safety vest walked outside one of Joe Biden’s properties in… wilmingtonin the state of Delaware, where the US President owns two homes.

Oh man, that’s in one Clipboard He was wearing one pistol It was clearly visible that he approached dangerously close to Biden’s house while a group of journalists and intelligence services were following his movements.

An armed man was stopped outside Joe Biden’s home in Delaware. The man was carrying a banner with protest expressions against the American president

The Independent wrote that the man’s sign read: “The Bidens are criminals20 Shell companies?! Where is the laptop? 10% for the big guy,” and again: “Does Joe have nicknames?! Robert L. Peters, Robin Weir, J.R.N. Weir.”

Names, as reported by the Daily Mail, that the US President used to sign emails he sent while he was still Vice President.

The man was removed: the reason for the protest

In addition to Joe Biden’s critics, the US press is suggesting a link between the gunman’s incursion into Wilmington and the recent impeachment of Joe Biden. son Hunter.

In fact, Hunter Biden was indicted on September 14 on corruption charges Illegal possession of a weapon Which he was going to buy Lying about drug use.

In this regard, journalists are waiting for President Biden’s comment, which was limited to saying that He will not forgive his son.

Previous on August 10

August 10 Craig DeLeo RobertsonSupporter Donald TrumpHe was killed by the FBI while FBI agents tried to arrest him.

Robertson had posted a message on social media before Biden arrived in Utah: “I heard Biden is coming to Utah: I’m taking off my camouflage suit and… Dusting off my M24 shooting rifle“.

Officers arrived in Provo on August 10 and then went to Robertson’s home. According to rumors from the Associated Press, one of them could have exploded shooting Between Robertson and the officers the man was going to be killed.

Image source: ANSA

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