PSOE, Junts and ERC close agreement on approval of amnesty law

PSOE, Junts and ERC close agreement on approval of amnesty law

White smoke. Together, ERC and PSOE On Wednesday, it announced an agreement to introduce amendments to Amnesty law. The three formations announced this in a joint statement Less than 24 hours Before the meeting of Justice Committee Which should be discussed and voted on the new wording of the rule. However, the Independents and Socialists do not provide details on the meaning of the changes or clarify whether they affect exemptions from offences Terrorism and treason. To know the tear, you have to wait. The Spanish Prime Minister has already warned this afternoon: Pedro Sanchez He spoke of a final agreement with Junts within “minutes or hours”. And so it became. Republicans have joined the equation, and on Thursday, all three will arrive in the House of Representatives carrying with them a Alternate formulation under the arm.

The three formations claim that they reached an agreement “through a single deal based on the various amendments that remained alive.” PSOE, ERC and Junts also claim to have entered into an agreement as a result of “joint work” which takes into account “Guidelines for constitutional, European and international lawas well as the preliminary report of the Venice Commission.” It is, as they say in this statement, a rule Protects “all persons associated with the independence process” It is “fully compatible with the Constitution, European law and jurisprudence, and the best European and international standards.”

The Transaction Amendment will be discussed and voted on in the Justice Committee, which will begin at Eleven in the morning In the House of Representatives. It will have to be ratified by the majority that made Pedro Sanchez's inauguration possible (PSOE, SUMAR, ERC, Junts, PNB, Beldo and Podemos), which will also have to give the green light to opinion. As expected, the text of the law will receive the seal of the House of Representatives today Thursday 14 March In an extraordinary general session. From here, the pardon begins its stormy journey to the Senate, where the People's Party will keep it for two months and object to it or empty it of its content. Finally back to San Geronimo RaceThe agreement drawn up between Independence and the Spanish government will be retrieved, which will be the one that enters into force. Calculations establish this final step At the end of May.

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The amnesty law has been in a state of freeze since the end of January, when Juntes refused to approve the wording of the law, arguing that it contained “loopholes through which the evasive Spanish justice” could let it pass.On wet paper“. Miriam Nogueras said that “stopping repression halfway does not mean stopping it,” and pointed out that the text means “selective and deferred amnesty.” Voting against formation Carles PuigdemontWho insisted that the way to strengthen the law was through its amendments, did not kill the amnesty, but rather returned it to the Justice Committee, which gave more time for the junta and the socialists to negotiate and bridge differences (initially they had fifteen days, which turned into a whole month).

Amnesty, an agreement independent of budgets

In general, there is agreement on that It is not in line with the state’s general budgetscondition. This is what the Spanish government stated in recent days. Even the president himself Pedro SanchezHe warned this Wednesday in an informal conversation with reporters. Reaching this agreement with the Junts does not imply actually cooperating with pro-independence parties regarding future public accounts. There was no connection between the two matters except in the case of disagreement.

In other words, CEO Sanchez was sitting on his hands the necessary Reach an agreement with the Junts on amnesty if they want to approve budgets. Because they assumed that training Carles Puigdemont It would hamper the calculations if it were ultimately the rule that should fix the prosecution of pro-independence parties And I didn't get the green light. If nothing goes wrong, the SWP can now clear an important plank (amnesty) and now dive into budget negotiations.

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This is an agreement that has been hinted at since Monday

The agreement between the supporters of independence and the socialists comes after votes that were tied together in the past few days and hours showed the light at the end of the tunnel. From Brazil this afternoon Pedro Sanchez I took one for granted Modify transactions Which will be announced inA few minutes or hoursHe expressed his confidence in reaching “a parliamentary agreement with the various parliamentary forces to advance a transcendent law.” The Spanish President’s words were in line with what they expressed yesterday from Moncloa: They kept the door open for more amendments, although they did not specify whether amendments to the crimes of terrorism and treason would be accepted. In front of the cameras, the Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Relations with the Courts, Felix BolañosHe confirmed on Wednesday morning that “To the final stage“To reach an agreement with Juntes, and on Tuesday, through the corridors of the Senate, the First Vice President of the Spanish Government, Maria Jesus MonteroHe admitted that the agreement wasstentFrom Ferraz, spokeswoman for the Socialist Workers Party Esther Pina, It removed any possibility of removing the terrorism and treason exceptions.

Among the supporters of independence, the Front for Catalonia has maintained a sepulchral silence in recent days and has not provided any insight into the development and meaning of the negotiations. For its part, the company showed this afternoon:optimism“the negotiations”On three sides“It will bear fruit. Teresa Jorda celebrated that the PSOE had opened up “to be able to improve and expand it” taking into account the lively adjustments of pro-independence formations.

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