La Panera organizes an “Ice Communities” workshop with artist Una Bros

La Panera organizes an “Ice Communities” workshop with artist Una Bros

For people involved in parenting processes and/or children fertilized with donor genetic material (egg, sperm, or fetus). He will suggest an activity Analyze existing children's stories that address these issues To ask complex questions and imagine other possible stories if necessary.

In the conversation that will open They will talk about how to tell their story to sons and daughters conceived with donated genetic materialWhat words are chosen and how they are explained at school or in other settings, the role of the genetic link, etc.

The workshop will be held in two sessions This Saturday the 13th and Saturday the 20th, at 11 a.m., at the La Panera facility. Activity is Free, with advance registration. There will be space for children in miniPanera. The workshop is linked to the exhibition “Strange Environments. Subversive Natural Aberrations,” curated by Cristian Alonso, which can be visited until January 28 at the La Panera Arts Center.

“Ice Communities” is a space held by Ona Bros As part of the artistic research project BetaBlastoCuir, which she started as a result of her own pregnancy experience.

She's Bruce (La Follola, 1977) Artist and researcher Who understands images as stimuli of material-semiotic complexities. She works through situated practice, queer lifestyle, and feminist sensibility. Through photography, video, writing and live art, the artist connects distant knowledge and interrogates taboos in search of narratives that reveal the present. Beginning with the genetically non-binding trial of pregnancy, it examines discourses surrounding genetic sciences in the context of global biomarkets for assisted reproduction. His works have been exhibited at Noguerias Blanchard, La Casa Encendida, Sociologia Ordinaria (Reina Sofía Museum), the Netherlands Art Institute in Arnhem, the Western Hemisphere Institute for Performance and Politics in New York, Hangar, Hamaca, La Caldera, or MACBA. She is one of the founders of the collective projects Institut d'Estudis del Porno (IEP) and FUGA (Collaborative Platform for Research on Images).

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