Don’t throw it away, find out what you can do with it and how to recycle it

Don’t throw it away, find out what you can do with it and how to recycle it

Did you just fry it but don’t know what to do with the leftover oil? Don’t throw it away, you can use it to make some cool crafts.

Summer has officially begun, and with the arrival of the warm season, many people’s favorite dishes will be back Mix fried fish. A delicious second course of crustaceans, whitefish and squid, breaded and fried in boiling oil, then seasoned with fresh lemon juice. A real treat, but it has some downsides: the smell remaining from cooking is very pungent, and to get rid of it you need to ventilate the rooms and Use some tricks To freshen and neutralize odor.

Also in this case, as often happens, our help “Grandma’s Remedies: That would be enough Boil some water and vinegar Then let the fumes spread throughout the house, or put some away Lemon slices (Maybe just the ones left over after squeezing the fish) In the oven, turn it on for fifteen minutes and leave the door open for a fresh, clean smell in the kitchen right away.

Perfect, but now comes another problem: what are we going to do with itleftover oil? Many, without thinking, throw the liquid directly into the kitchen drain, but this is a huge mistake, because boiling oil can cause many problems in the drains. The solution is much simpler, and it will allow us to build up with the remaining liquid Very nice and effective stuff.

Frying Oil: How to Reuse It Without Wasting and Damaging Pipes

Instead of throwing the oil away, we’ll filter it very carefully, helping ourselves with a sieve a few times, removing all traces of bread crumbs or leftovers from cooked food, then pour it into a bowl and set it aside. Yet we will create nothing less than beautiful scented candles To put around the house to spruce up our rooms! It may sound amazing and difficult to create, but it is a much less complicated process than you might think.

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At this point we will need some Soy wax and some essential oilsBoth can be purchased in herbal medicine and in some wicks and shapes for making candles. We are going to melt the wax in a saucepan and then add a few drops of scented and recycled oil and mix well. We’ll put part of the mixture in the mold, add the wick, and let it cool overnight. The next morning our candle will be ready!

Another way to reuse oil used for cooking

In addition to making candles, we can also use frying oil Making soap bars For use in the bathroom. All we need is 300 grams of Marseille soap, 15 ml of used oil, 250 ml of distilled water and 10 or 15 drops of essential perfume oil.

After melting the flakes in a bain-marie, we can add all the other ingredients, mix them carefully, and then put them into a mold and Leave to cool covered with a transparent film for at least 12 hours. We can also use this technique to create nice gifts for our friends, choosing floral or heart shapes.

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