President in Iran | Serious Conservative R C was selected in the first round

(Tehran) Radical Conservative Ibrahim Razi has won the first round of the Iranian presidential election with 61.95% of the vote, according to the final results announced by Interior Minister Abdolbas Rahmani Basli on Saturday.

Ahmed Barihi
France Media Agency

The minister said the lowest turnout was recorded for the presidential election since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979.

Without waiting for the results to be released, outgoing President Hassan Rohani congratulated the “people of their choice”, which was able to identify a winner in the first round.

According to partial official figures, Maj. Gen. Mohsen Rezak, the former commander of the Islamic Republic’s ideological military, the Revolutionary Guards, is second with more than 11.5% of the vote, ahead of former federal president Abdol Nasser Hemati (8.3%) and deputy emir Hossein Qassadeh (3).

On Instagram, Twitter or in the news broadcast by the Iranian media, Mr. All three recognized the success of RC in their own way.

Amid massive voting fears following a call to boycott the election, which was released from abroad, voting activities were significantly extended until 2am on Saturday, to allow maximum contribution to the good conditions given by the COVID-19 epidemic that is hitting the country hard.

Photo by Wakit Salemi, Associated Press

Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader, urged his comrades to show “massive” and “revolutionary” participation in the “big victory” of Iran in Saturday’s elections because it once stood up and the enemy’s mercenary media against the campaign.

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Election “Run Early”

The Chairman of the Judicial Authority, Mr. R C, 60, appeared to be the archive option as there was no real competition after disqualifying his main opponents.

In a country rich in hydrocarbons, but subject to US sanctions and in a context common to the crisis, the election campaign has been mild.

Mr. who presents himself as the champion of the fight against corruption and the defender of the popular classes with the purchasing power that is undervalued by inflation.

“I hope he knows [épargner à la population] One of his voters in Tehran told AFP on Friday that a nurse was dressed in black.

Then with 38% of the vote, Mr. President Hassan Rouhani, who was re-elected in the first round in 2017 against Russia, is a moderate who will step down from power in August, ending his second term in an unpopular position that rarely reaches.

Photo provided by the President’s Office via Reuters

Outgoing President Hassan Rouhani meets new President Ibrahim Razi following his victory in Tehran.

In Tehran, it is not difficult to avoid accusing the government of “doing nothing” for the country or seeing it participate in a pre-determined election, or “organized” according to them. Mr. Rossi, known to be close to the supreme guide, to win.


In Iran, the president has limited privileges, where power is in the hands of the supreme leader.

Mr. Rouhani’s record, after the US withdrew in 2018, from the Iran nuclear deal, which ended with major powers, was defeated by the failure of his open policy.

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This withdrawal and the re-imposition of severe US sanctions plunged the country into a violent recession, particularly the loss of government oil export earnings.

Two demonstrations in December and January 2017-2018 and November 2019 were violently suppressed.

On the issue of economic recovery, Mr. RC has repeatedly said that the priority is to lift US sanctions, so talks should continue to defend the Vienna Agreement by reuniting the United States. United States.

As for the opposition among the deported and human rights defenders, Mr. Rissy is a symbol of repression and his name associated with the mass execution of left-wing prisoners in 1988 when he was deputy prosecutor of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran.

When asked about this black page of recent history in 2018 and 2020, Mr. Rizi denied that he played any role there, but paid “homage” to the “order” issued by the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini. This refinement.

On the detention list of Iranian officials allowed by Washington “to be complicit in serious human rights violations,” Mr.

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