A US airline apologizes for sending a 6-year-old to the wrong airport

Low cost airline Spirit Airlines Apologize for having a child travel alone Wrong plane.

It happened in the United States. The 6-year-old Little Casper's flight was leaving Philadelphia International Airport and was supposed to head to Fort Myers Airport in Florida, where his grandmother was waiting for him.

but The company's employees were wrong They put him on a plane bound for… Orlando, 300 kilometers from Fort Myers. This was acknowledged by the airline itself, and added in a statement that the child was always under the supervision of a crew member.

The company also explained that as soon as it realized the error, it informed the family.

However, the boy's grandmother reported that she did not know that her grandson was not traveling on the right plane until the flight landed from Fort Myers. She was waiting for him at the airport. When the passengers got out No trace of the child was found.

So he got on the plane and asked the flight attendant where Casper was. “There are no children here”They answered, Grandma Maria Ramos reported on Fort Myers TV wink tv.

after a short time, The boy phoned her to tell her he was at the airport, but he couldn't see her. If he couldn't find it, it was because he was at an airport he didn't touch.

The company will open an internal investigation to clarify the facts and has offered to reimburse the cost of the trip, while the 6-year-old boy's family is demanding explanations about how this happened, once the child had already checked in. No one goes to Florida the right way and ends up on the wrong plane.

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Ironically, the luggage arrived in Fort Myers.

Like many other airlines, Spirit Airlines offers Escort service For children between 4 and 15 years old traveling alone.

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