Predictions for all zodiac signs

Predictions for all zodiac signs

A new month and new predictions for all the zodiac signs, from Branco and Paolo Focs: the two main astrologers who have been working in Italy for years and are widely followed and form a real double personality linked to the zodiac. Both of them have already made a list of predictions related to all 12 zodiac signs.

Horoscopes for today, November 1, Branko: Predictions for all zodiac signs

Aries – Excellent potential in the workplace. The personal context will have to impose itself on the latter less well.

Taurus – Work will give you good satisfaction but changing plans may bring a dose of additional stress. That’s why it would be a good idea to “prepare yourself psychologically.”

Gemini – Cloudy forecasts for Geminis. The first day of the month was not excellent. Everything indicates much better conditions.

Cancer – It’s time to change your attitude towards those who have behaved well towards you. Cancer sometimes seems “arrogant” and it’s time to fix it.

Leo – It is still too early to start making deep plans for the month in question, and it would be better to fix some small discrepancies that occurred recently.

Virgo – his nostalgic stage, conditioned by the desire to impose his own ideas without foundations. He will be able to do this, but he will certainly find “critics.”

Libra – A good state of love, the result of a present spirit that is more generous than usual. It is better to rely on people you already know, this is not the time to make new acquaintances.

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Scorpio – Today’s impression will be all or almost all, so Scorpio will have to “work a lot” on how he acts and not on what he actually decides to do.

Sagittarius – The psychological state at the beginning of the month is less good. The partner will be able to press on with his work, but he will not be able to blame anyone.

Capricorn – Perhaps it is time to change the business plan you have partially organized. However, many elements could be improved.

Aquarius – Goes through a phase where one feels excessive pride in one’s personality, but the effect on others will be volatile. Why does he act like this?

Pisces – Definitely a prolific stage in many areas, the most important of which is the friendship stage thanks to Jupiter, which will make him the ideal companion. Better make the most of this moment.

Your horoscope today, November 1, Paulo Fox: Predictions for all zodiac signs

Aries – Few people notice the psychological exhaustion that affects Aries during this period. Long breaks in work, and perhaps not only that, are what will characterize his work.

Taurus – He will have to worry about the details, because his intentions, no matter where they turn, will be truly excellent. Just be careful to appear different than they are.

Gemini – Positive expectations in the workplace, even if Gemini’s work is not necessarily liked by everyone. Be careful of those who disagree, it will be impossible to convince them.

Cancer – Cancer’s mental ability is very good and can act as a lightning rod for various stressful circumstances. He will be able to take care of some paperwork, but not overdo it.

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Leo – There is no doubt that Mercury prefers communication, and Leo will have no problem talking at length, even about deep matters. Just be careful not to expose yourself to things he doesn’t know.

Virgo – His attitude is a bit aggressive, almost disdainful, even if the situations he will face will not be that difficult, on the contrary. Organization is a must.

Libra – somewhat harsh and intolerant attitude towards others, as if expecting an aggressive reaction but it will not come. It is best to proceed gently.

Scorpio – It needs renewal but also understanding, but Scorpio will have to earn the opportunity to gain these sensations. Socially the situation will be like that.

Sagittarius – He needs company, but the “right” company. Oftentimes, Sagittarius would rather hang out with incompatible people than be alone. On the contrary, isolation is better at the moment.

Capricorn – A day marked by constant emotional fluctuations, and it is difficult to find a point of balance. It would be best to focus on the area of ​​your day where you do your best.

Aquarius – Aquarius is unlikely to interpret the day in question in a completely positive way: this is quite normal, given the week.

Pisces – There are so few worries on the horizon that Pisces would do well to find something to do. Overall an uninspiring but relaxing day.

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