Possible second titanosaur neck remains found at Pallars: ‘It’s a surprise’

Paleontologists are still cautious, but everything points to the bones. New excavations at Pallars Jussà have shed light on Remains of what could be a titanosaur’s neckIt is a huge dinosaur native to this region and lived there in the last stage of this species just before its extinction.

Angel GallopartMiquel Crosafont, director of the Conca della Museum and researcher at the Catalan Institute of Paleontology, who leads the expeditions, maintains caution, but confirms that These new fossils are very similar to the neck of a titanosaur that was already excavated in Orkau in 2014..

“On the one hand, it’s a surprise; on the other hand, we feel a sense of disbelief, but we also hope that it is as perfect as it seems.”

Extraction of the first titanosaur neck found in Pallars in 2014 (3Cat)

This first was considered one A unique and exceptional piece And therefore, Finding a second one would be very valuable Because, as Gallobart points out, “there are very few of them in the world, and in Europe even less.” If this new discovery is confirmed, it could be opened New avenues of research.

“Having more samples and being able to compare them to the first sample will allow us to characterize this species much better.”

Aside from what could be the neck of the second titanosaur Pallars, several leg and skull bones were also found around it.

In search of the last dinosaurs

This intervention, which began in mid-May, will end at the end of this June, and is part of a new campaign of paleontological excavations aimed at Discovery of fossil remains of the last dinosaurs in Europe.

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In this sense, in addition to these excavations in Jossa, it is necessary to add the work being done in Nogueira, in the territory of the Origins Geopark. In this case, Dozens of bones appear For at least two large dinosaurs.

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