We explain the step the United States is considering to stop Russia permanently »ILMETEO.it

We explain the step the United States is considering to stop Russia permanently »ILMETEO.it

War in Ukraine: We explain the step the United States is considering to permanently stop Russia

The step the United States has in mind to permanently stop RussiaThe The United States has a move in mind To permanently stop the war between Russia and Ukraine. United State They are thinking of stopping Russian oil importsalthough President Joe Biden has not made any decisions yet at this time, as specified before Republic.

More important is the fact that Washington can move forward with the embargo Even if the European allies, the European Union at first, could not follow the American model. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that This issue was discussed during the video conference who shared Bidenthe French president Emmanuel MacronBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Olaf Schulz. “We have different capabilities and possibilities” Psaki added, regarding the various approaches on the subject.

Moscow has noticed this possible moveWhich would be considered a provocation, warns through the tongue of Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak: Excluding Russian crude from world markets, there will be some Serious consequences The price could rise to $300 a barrel.” (Today we’re just over $120.) Novak,
Quoted by RIA Novosti, Russiaspoke of information about an imminent provocation against the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

It could also be done in the United States Bipartisan agreement to ban imports of Russian energy sources. The Washington Post reports, which also gives an account of the will Suspension of trade relations with Russia and Belarus. An agreement that will in any case be approved by the Chambers, which can meet to do so already during Wednesday, March 9th.

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Meanwhile, the European Union is considering disengaging completely from Russian gas via Use of new energy suppliersAs Valdis Dombrovskis announced at a hearing of the Economic Committee of the European Parliament. It won’t be an easy jobNeither cheap nor fast: added the European Commissioner for the Economy Paolo Gentiloni. “Most of our suppliers require regasification mechanisms, and even regasification platforms are not built in a day, It takes a year and a half to assembleWe must realize this difficulty.”

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