Microsoft abandons the brand after 30 years

Microsoft abandons the brand after 30 years

The Redmond Group’s willingness to push their subscription solutions has been known for some time. Today, however, a historic announcement will be made in some way, the one that actually marks an official farewell to the brand. DeskAfter more than 30 years in the market: the tools included in the package will converge once and for all Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 includes Office

To achieve this, simply visit the home page of the site office.comwhere it was clearly stated Office became Microsoft 365. To clear the field of any possible remaining doubt is then FAQ section The English-language portal which provides the following reports, emphasizing how they change It aims to affect all common applications.

Over the next few months,, the Office mobile app, and the Office for Windows app will be integrated into the Microsoft 365 app, with a new icon, a new look, and more and more features.

When will that happen? Offering will start at November 2022, due for completion in the following months, by January 2023. It will cover all versions of Office currently available for work, school, and personal use. However, perpetual licenses for Office 2021 (in versions home and student And the Home Business). Support will also be provided to customers on Long Term Service Channel (LTSC) plans.

Apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook It will still be available, but will become exclusive to Suite 365.

For the occasion, Microsoft has also made a file new logo that will determine its width. It’s what’s visible in the opening image and in the screenshot above.

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The appearance of Office dates back to 1990. The ad was even two years earlier, in August 1988, by Bill Gates During a COMDEX event in Las Vegas.

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