Photovoltaic tiles and roads, reality is beyond imagination, here is the latest news

Photovoltaic tiles and roads, reality is beyond imagination, here is the latest news

What if we had photovoltaic streets in addition to rooftops, in order to produce more clean energy? It is not a utopian idea, in fact it is a reality.

The need to protect the planet has become prevalent, and if change is frightening on the one hand, human ingenuity on the other is finding incredible solutions, which until recently were defined as “imaginative”.

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We live in an era of many contradictions, but we are also in an era of creativity. Since technology can harness the sun to give energy It was invented, and they became huge progress.

We must admit that the costs are still a bit steep, especially because families find themselves having to contend with inflation that seems eternal. but The hope is that politics will be able to create a balanceso that all mankind can move forward.

So let’s dive in today Another step forward has made researchand this will allow produce clean energy more effective.

PV tiles and roads already exist and are the result of a great idea, here’s how they work and where they are located

In addition to the classic ceiling panels (but also Phototile) We may soon get a file Methods that produce clean energy. The idea is to improve people’s quality of life, because it will obviously create a less polluted environment.

the Phototilewhich are used to build roads and sidewalks, are made of Recycled plasticSo they offer Double benefit. We are in the field of bioarchitecture, because thanks to the genius of researchers, something has been invented that can – if there is the will and we hope it is – can be made Every city is completely green.

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And if we want Touch this innovative technology with your hands We just go to Groningena city in the Netherlands, where it was actually built.

The ‘walkway’ crosses an area of ​​town; And It is 400 square meters long and made of 2544 platinum plates (PV materials). The road, according to experts’ calculations, will be able to produce at least 50 thousand kWh electricity. To understand its scope, let’s say it can meet the power needs of no less than 18 families.

For now, however, it appears that The energy will be transferred to the Town Hall, which will therefore boast a 100% sustainable building priority.. However, the city of Groningen’s projects don’t stop there: the goal is to make the entire region fully sustainable by 2035.

The hope is that Initiatives of this kind are not isolated And let them come Develop as much as possibleIn every city in the world.

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