Perugia’s appeal was rejected, and Lecco in B, awaiting Reggina’s result

The Council of State has rejected the requests of the Umbrians, and the second judgment is expected in the afternoon

Lecco is permanently in the second division. A short time ago, the final stage of the long process of appeals and declarations from an administrative point of view ended. Section V of the Council of State rejected Perugia’s request, confirming what the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio had already decided. However, there is still no news on the other front regarding Regina’s appeal.


The Lecco affair began immediately after the Lombard side’s victory in the promotion play-offs, when the club submitted documents relating to the use of the Euganio Stadium in Padua for late home matches. The Federal Council had decided on July 7 to accept on the grounds of “force majeure” reasons that led to the postponement. A statement rejected by Collegiate Security but instead confirmed by Tar. This was repeated a short while ago by the State Council. In essence, the failure to push back the registration deadlines despite the calendar change (the final was initially scheduled for the 11th, not the 18th), would have created a situation of ‘uncollectible’ requirements due to the shortened times. . For this reason, a decision was made on the basis of “reasonableness”, sharing the reasons identified by the same Federcalcio at different levels of government. Moral: Lecco is in the second division, this time without subordinates and explanations.

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