Perseids: The best show in recent years to predict

Sunday, August 1, 2021 at 4:56 pm – One of the most impressive meteor showers of the year, Perseid, is already shining in the August sky. However, the show will be even better in the coming weeks. Open your eyes!

Perseids are the first cometary Swift-Tuttle Winstiges to be found in 1862. Since then, the rain of these stars has fascinated people. You can see them from mid-July to late August, culminating in activity on the night of August 12-13.

Meteors mainly emanate from the constellation Perseus, but are found everywhere in the sky.

There is no barrier from the moon

In recent years, the moon has complicated the observation of pericardiums and obscured more frightening meteorites. This year, the situation is different: during the night of the climax, between August 12 and 13, the crescent moon will bend very quickly and the field will have to be opened to shoot the stars. The only condition is clear sky.

So sometimes it can be a great opportunity to see more shooting stars in a very short amount of time.

Under ideal conditions, about 100 meteors can be seen per hour. Awesome view!

Secrets for a good show

It is essential to stay as far away as possible from light pollution. The scale on the board, the nine-point scale determines the rate of light pollution at a given location, which is a good tool. Level 1 is similar to the sky without all sources of light, so the naked eye can admire the stars. In the 9th stage, the sky is scattered by light pollution, and the stars are rarely visible except for the moon and planets. Persides can be observed from as many as 4 dimensions.

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Distant places in national parks or in the countryside are often the best choices to enhance stellar vision.

In fact, the farther you go, the farther away you are from light pollution, and the more you can see the stars. Therefore, often in the middle of nature, with dark and open skies, the best places to look for percussion are found.

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