Felipe, in a bar, has an intimate conversation with a stranger, who hallucinates and reveals the content

Felipe, in a bar, has an intimate conversation with a stranger, who hallucinates and reveals the content

How many stories of love, friendship or anything else have begun In the pub bar. How many secrets, how many secrets, how many confessions happened in front of the drink, the bartender often acts as a psychologist or a shoulder on which we cry and pour out everything we feel. But sometimes, these moments happen between two strangers. This only happened to the king Philip As one of the heroes, to the surprise of other parishioners.

Philip VI / Europe Press

usually It is difficult to meet the king face to face alone, Quietly, without his entourage of palm trees, attendants, members of security and protocol, and all the Saint Cristo Gross with which the king travels. It is difficult to find Bourbon alone and we will be able to share concerns, intense or trivial conversations. This is what it means to be the king of a country and almost never be alone even when you go to the bathroom to relieve yourself. But from time to time there is a stellar convergence that allows this. Felipe had already astonished many citizens of Madrid when they saw him last Saturday, May 11, in the afternoon, in the city center, near Carrer Fuencarral, From shopsHe shops with bags in hand, without Leticia, as if he were a citizen more willing to spend a Saturday afternoon doing what many do.

Philip VI/G. Teres

And now what remains in the eyes is like oranges American tiktoker It so far pinches. Explain the Huffington Post That @permanentmarcus1 matched Bourbon at an event and showed it off in a video he called The king and I are friends. He explains that he was in the United States, in his country, where Marcus works as a photographer, and he was at an event that he doesn’t remember exactly what it was. Important people of all kinds, of course, and members of the government. A special event and it’s time for a break. He goes to a bar to drink something without alcohol and finds himself… A very handsome man named Felipe He started talking about his condition and various topics. For example, about Spain, specifically… from Lion. A five-minute conversation that concluded that if they saw each other one day in Spain, because Tiktok lives here, they would go and get something.

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After the meeting, what was his surprise when one day, while he was with the family, Philip appeared on television and cheered “Hey I know this guy”. Surprised, he wanted to know who the same kind person, according to him, was who had talked to him about Leo, and why he was so important like him. Remote sorting, when they told him that Philip is already the King of Spain… By the way, Marcos’ last request, to see if the King keeps his promise and they see each other. And to ask him not to stay, waiting for me to invite him to have a drink in the royal palace, “For old time’s sake”.

@permanentmarcus1 The king and I are friends 😂🇪🇸 #americaninspain #Spain #Spain #Castellion #Living abroad #American_Europe #Madrid #Spanish #felipevi ♬ Original audio – Cousin Marcos in Spain 🇪🇸

Will Philip keep his promise?

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