Pelosi: The United States cannot allow China to isolate Taiwan

Pelosi: The United States cannot allow China to isolate Taiwan

Beijing advances in ‘war games’

Beijing’s armed forces, the People’s Liberation Army, announced that military exercises around the island of Taiwan will continue today. Through the social network Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, the military announced that it continues to “carry out joint exercises in the air and sea space around the island of Taiwan.” Taiwan described the exercises conducted by Beijing as “irresponsible.”

China relaunched it on Tuesday by announcing that it would hold a round of artillery exercises with real fire — with live missiles — in the southern waters of the Yellow Sea, north of Taiwan, on Aug. 11-13, countering South Korea. The Maritime Safety Administration that issued a navigation ban notice, providing the coordinates of the restricted area. Artillery shots will be conducted on reference days 9 to 16 locally (3 to 10 in Italy).

China launched its largest-ever war games around Taiwan last week on August 4-7, after Nancy Pelosi, the highest-ranking US official to visit the island in 25 years, mobilized aircraft, ships, artillery and ballistic missiles that first flew over the island. Rebel county, according to Beijing reading. He declared his readiness to continue training to keep the pressure high. Taiwan lives under the constant threat of invasion, and as a result, it has enhanced its defensive capabilities with American support.

Taiwan: defensive exercises

Meanwhile, Taiwan has started its “live-fire” artillery exercises, with live missiles, to simulate the island’s defense from Chinese attack, as a first response to last week’s massive, large-scale exercises by the people. The Liberation Army in response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei. Local media reported that the operations were taking place in the southern county of Pingtung.

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The Taipei drill, scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday, includes the deployment of hundreds of soldiers with the participation of the artillery command, infantry stationed in Pingtung, the defense command of Hualien City and the island’s coast guard. Also, 78 locally developed light mortars and six US-made howitzers will be used for air and sea shooting tests, the military said in recent days, while clarifying that the activities will be conducted equally regardless of the latest. Developments within the strait. The island conducts periodic military exercises, such as the one on Sept. 5, and last month tested its capabilities to respond to a sea landing “in a joint intercept operation” as part of its major exercises on the calendar.

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