Patricia Pellegrino upsets Alex and Soleil

Patricia Pellegrino upsets Alex and Soleil

New entry Patricia Pellegrino who has just entered Big Big Brother’s house brings chaos by criticizing the behavior of the couple shaped by Alex Bailey and Sully Sorge. The reaction of the actor and influencer was not long in coming.

Patricia Pellegrino Is one of the new entries in the house big brother vip. However, his entry into the reality show immediately caused chaos due to his statements about some of the characters in the race. In particular, the Neapolitan Sobret criticized the behavior Alex Bailey and Soleil Sorge, At the center of controversy over their growing camaraderie: Alex is actually married to a model Delia Duran And Sully must also have a friend outside the home, even if nothing practical is known about him. To piss off Soleil, and thus Alex, Patricia Pellegrino’s clip in which she talks about Gf’s rivals, and in which she mentions that the influencer and actor aren’t among her favourites:

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Let’s talk about what I like least about this edition. Soleil Surely, you know the TV medium well. The have found cocky, arrogant, very sure About himself, above all he does not allow others to talk. Alex has become a manipulatorHe wants to impose himself. I feel like it’s not very real and very constructed. I want to discover their true personalities. And I want the truth at any cost.

Soleil, who viewed the clip, immediately decided to inform him Alex Who, knowing Pellegrino, immediately ran to ask her for explanations. Patrizia’s response was:

I’m against you and Sully? but ever. Then I knew you for life. You may have said that she is trying to charm you with her charms and you have allowed yourself to be tempted a little. Just that, I didn’t say anything else. The outward feeling was of the beautiful girl’s charm. But I trust you will tell me that she, too, got stuck in this system. I’ve known you for a long time and therefore I guess if you say that Sulli doesn’t have double endings towards you.

Replica of Cruel Sulli

Sun and Alex

a SoleilHowever, the fact that Pellegrino made hasty judgments about the situation between her and Alex inside the house did not diminish and she immediately ran to clarify with the showgirl in Naples:

You made judgments and don’t remember very well. Nothing is true that you said I was smart, but you specified that Alex and I were among the least sympathetic to you and that he was also fake and manipulative. Do you realize you went to Alex to tell him that little girl cheated on him?! Do you know that this is not pleasant? I have to tell you that Non do one nice impression If you start like this.

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In short, some good things are expected…

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