Participation of companies from the Balearic Islands at the “Teatro a Mil” and “Santiago Off” festivals in Chile

Participation of companies from the Balearic Islands at the “Teatro a Mil” and “Santiago Off” festivals in Chile

Two companies from the Balearic Islands participated in Teatro a Mil and Santiago OFF, two festivals of related performing arts in Chile with a major international exposure, which will program during January 2024 theater, dance, circus and street arts. Majorca company Cia. d'Es Tro presented her show “Poi”, created by Guillem Vizcaino, in the program of the International Teatro a Mil Festival, which this year celebrates its 31st anniversary, while Cia performed. Coloradas performed at the Santiago Off with the “Take off the sombrero” group.

Since January 5, Cia d'Es Tro has given dozens of performances of “Poi” as part of the official program of the International Teatro a Mil Festival. The last show took place on January 20 at the Centro Civico Cultural Center in El Bosque, to a great reception from the audience. These actions were supported by the Ramón Llull Institute and the Balearic Studies Institute. It should be noted that “Poi” was part of the program FiraB! 2021 Since then he has been performing all over the world and has won many national and international awards, among which we can mention the FETEN 2023 Best Street Show award.

D'Es Tro is a circus company created in Mallorca in July 2019, formed by Guillem Vizcaino, with a keen interest in discovering a new language of his own, as well as experimenting with new forms of presentation. “Poi,” the company’s first work, is the story of a country man trapped since childhood by the gyroscopic influence of Baldova. A journey of turmoil and fluctuations that takes us to one of life's most important situations. Integrating circus arts with the popular game of “baldova” and the roots of Mediterranean culture is the goal of the gathering.

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On the other hand, at the Santiago Off Festival, scheduled until January 27, Cia's visual theater piece “Take off your hat” was shown. Coloradas, created by Blanca Alonso. The performances took place on January 19 and 20 in the hall of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Santiago.

“Cutarse el sombrero” tells the story of disobedient girls who became great artists. In this visual, documentary and objective work, we talk about the rebellion, intelligence, artistic talent and exciting lives of these women. CIA work. Created by Blanca Alonso, Coloradas are an artistic and multi-generational proposal. The title of the work refers to the gesture made by the artists Maruja Mallo, Margarita Manso, Salvador Dali and Federico García Lorca, when they took off their hats in the Puerta del Sol in the 1920s, a stance contrary to social norms.

CIA performance. Coloradas is part of the exchange between FiraB! Music and Performing Arts Market and Santiago Festival of. As a result of this exchange and collaboration, in the latest edition of Fira B! In 2023, Chilean company Interdram performed there, giving a glimpse of their work “Hermana”.

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