Parliament calls for a new law to regulate video games

Parliament calls for a new law to regulate video games

A new law to regulate video games Parliament has introduced a new proposal with very severe accusations.

Scientist Video games It is becoming more and more complex and layered, which is why examining the changes and rules that move the market is more than a simple exercise. The world of video games is not a good place anymore, but now that it has turned into a huge global economic reality, the world of video games is changing, and unfortunately not always for the better. Wave money New and up-and-coming players who are willing to spend big to win and dominate others have preferred the emergence of new ways to increase video game profits.

Parliament calls for a new law against micro-transactions in video games

And here today, years later, we find ourselves talking about mechanics that aren’t healthy for anyone, like a mechanism loot box, which allows you to get random prizes by buying “boxes” in the game world with real money. Think about what happens with FIFA Ultimate Team for example. Then there are the games Pay to win, which puts the progress of their adventure behind a wall of optional purchases that are in fact necessary to compete online or to continue in the game. And now we’re talking about it new law.

Law against microtransactions in video games

In the Parliament In the Netherlands, in fact, many parties have come together to try to put an end to what is happening with loot boxes and microtransactions in video games. And he’s not just talking about a mechanism similar to that of Adventurebut also for the important impact that these mechanisms have on children who play video games.

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In fact, the movement begins with “Room, I noticed that Children are manipulated in video games to buy microtransactions And that the so-called prize money is a form of gambling…”. A very heavy definition, which is certainly not to be taken lightly. The proposal is submitted to the government ‘To investigate the possibility of Prize money banned also in the Netherlands and, when necessary, to change the law”. Here we report a game at an incredible price, not pay to win!

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