How many hours a day do you use your smartphone? Be careful of the risks your hands may be exposed to

How many hours a day do you use your smartphone? Be careful of the risks your hands may be exposed to

Modern, touch-screen mobile phones are now larger and harder to hold with one hand: the effects can be dangerous.

It’s not that simple anymore Hold your cell phone with one hand. As in the past, new technologies combined with the social trends that have dominated in recent years have also changed the trends in the shape and size of mobile phones, whose screens must necessarily ensure that their owner can enjoy videos and photos in a precise and specific way.

Spending too much time on your smartphone can be bad for your hand health.

It must also be said that this need does not arise only from the trend. social, But also by the fact that Many people work from their mobile phones.Or at least they rely on mobile devices to assist them in their daily work when it pushes professionals away from “permanent” offices, which is increasingly common in the modern working age.

It follows that today’s mobile phone must be high-performance, be able to replace a computer in 90% of its functions, and be large enough to allow as much vision as possible but not so large that it does not actually serve as a computer. Board. But in all this confusion of general conditions, the loser is the health of our hands.

Be aware of the risks of carpal tunnel and thumb in general.

Technological advancement has certainly had its positive effects on the management of electronic devices, as you can now do anything with them, without necessarily having to be in front of the computer to book a restaurant, search for a flight, or watch a TV show. Video on the social network. With mobile phones today, you can do almost everything, but you have to be careful because Continuous typing on mobile phoneespecially large ones, can contribute to the appearance of some typical hand diseases.

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Incorrect hand position on cell phone can cause pain and diseases

In fact, in orthopedic practice in recent years there has been an increase in reports of thumb pain Or Amnesty International Wrists Which, according to experts, is caused by excessive and incorrect use of mobile phones. This is because people tend to hold their smartphones and use one or both thumbs to type very quickly, making very quick movements from one side of the screen to the other.

These movements, which at first glance may seem to cause very harmless pain, are instead harmful because they can cause muscle overload in the long run. tendonitis And even radiculopathy, Kind of Osteoporosis It affects the joint at the base of the thumb, which can cause pain, wear and tear, stiffness, and restricted movement.

According to experts, this is due to the way you hold your hand and the number of hours you spend typing. In theory, given the size of today’s mobile phone screens, this should be the case. Keep your cell phone on a flat surface. And use Indexes To type or perform any kind of operation on the phone: only in this way can we keep our hands healthy.

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