Palace on Wheels: All the Secrets of the World’s Largest Vehicle

Palace on Wheels: All the Secrets of the World’s Largest Vehicle

It’s the largest vehicle in the world: you even need two V16 engines to move it! Let’s find out more about this very strange car.

What do you think if we ask you what you think of the largest vehicle in the world? We’re definitely not talking about classic cars, or even SUVs or off-road vehicles, whatever the size. You must necessarily head towards the trucks, and better yet, Industrial vehicles. But we can assure you that you are not even close to imagining the massive dimensions of this record-breaking car.

Belaz (

Even in Italy, we often see industrial vehicles dedicated to transporting materials, however Nothing like Belaz’s most popular product. Its real name is Belaruski Autamabilny Zavod or Belarusian Automobile Factories, and it is a company founded in 1948 in Zudzina, specializing in transport and excavation vehicles. It is particularly active in Eastern Europe, especially among Belarusians and Russia, and especially in the mining sector.

But what made it famous beyond its geographical and practical borders was one of its products, which became known as the largest vehicle in the world: BelAZ 75710. This model has been in production since 2013, and is only one of many vehicles manufactured by the Belarusian company, but Due to its size it quickly became the most popular. The pictures we suggest do not give a sufficient idea of ​​its actual size.

Belaz 75710: discovery of the largest spacecraft in the world

Officially it is mounted on four wheels, although each one is actually doubled to carry the heaviest loads, so in reality we are talking about eight wheels. Belaz 75710 weighs 360 net tonsIts height when unloaded is 8.26 metres, its length is 20 metres, and its width is 10 metres. In short, it is as large as a house, if not larger, and this qualifies it to be a vehicle of record size on a global level.

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BelAZ 75710, the largest spacecraft in the world
Belaz 75710 in all its glory. (Belaz)

Belaz 75710 finds its maximum use in Siberian mines, thanks to its extraordinary loading capacity. This vehicle can actually move up to 400 tons, thus reaching a maximum gross weight of 760 tons. Not surprisingly, moving it required extraordinary strength It features two V16 engines with 2,300 horsepower each. This means that the maximum power it develops is four times that of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, where it was able to reach a speed of 40 km/h.

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