P-Lies Update weakens some enemies and bosses

P-Lies Update weakens some enemies and bosses

P lies Just receivedUpdate On PC and PlayStation, with the following Xbox releases: Patch Depowers some enemies and bosses,It obviously depends on user feedback, but it also introduces a series of changes to the overall balance.

Lies of P was appreciated by the international press and gave it excellent reviews com. soulslike As such, it uses a hardcore approach, putting us face to face with truly dangerous opponents capable of inflicting massive damage on us, especially during boss fights.

Well, some of those fights from now on They will be less demandingin particular the fallen Archbishop Andreus, the Puppet King and above all the final boss, whose name we do not want to reveal to you to avoid spoiling the wonderful story of the game.

That’s not all

As mentioned,to update Not only does it nerf some enemies, but it also introduces a series of innovations that belong more to the quality of life category, such as the possibility of resetting stats, the P-Organ and the Legion Arm also in the Golden Zecchini Tree.

In general, however, the developers have thought about it Make the experience a little easier For players who have particular difficulty completing the campaign, some rewards have been increased, the weight of some amulets has been reduced and the hero’s carrying capacity has been improved.

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