Thousands defy Putin and line up to sack Alexei Navalny in Moscow

Thousands of people in Moscow, since the early hours of the morning, lined up outside the church where he appeared Alexei Navalny's farewell partyHe died two weeks ago in an Arctic prison under circumstances that are not yet clear.

The crowd shouted his name repeatedly as the coffin containing Navalny's remains was unloaded from his hearse.

A hearse carrying Navalny's remains outside the Orthodox church where the opposition's farewell ceremony is being held (Reuters/Stringer)

The main opposition mare is Ross, Yulia NavalnyaShe was not able to see her body until nine days later and explained that the Kremlin wanted to force her to hold a secret funeral.

The regime's threats also did not deter Navalny's supporters, who want to dismiss him despite knowing this They are at risk of arrest.

A Russian government spokesman said this morning: Dmitry PeskovHe has already warned of possible sanctions for those who participate in “unlicensed” demonstrations after Navalny's funerals.

Some people have dared to do this Statements on camera to international agenciesBut not all of them wanted to give their names.

Preparations for Navalny's funeral and burial at Borisovskoe cemetery in Moscow (Reuters/Stringer)

The farewell ceremony will be held this afternoon in the “Ease My Sorrows” Orthodox Church, which agreed to host it after other temples in Moscow refused.

The funeral and burial of the body is scheduled to take place this afternoon at the Borisovskoe cemetery in Moscow.

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