Outstanding result for Einstein High School in the “Science Selfie” competition – MolfettaLive.it

Outstanding result for Einstein High School in the “Science Selfie” competition – MolfettaLive.it

In January and February us INFN (National Institute for Nuclear Physics) announced a competition titled “scientific self-portraits”, dedicated to the second grades of the second year and the last year of secondary schools of the second degree in Italy, about the great personalities of scientists and scientists who are the heroes of the world of Italian physics. the pupils Simona Tattoli, Maria Schio, and Federica Vittoria Manzoni Class 3 degrees Celsius Scientific secondary school “A. Einstein “, Well orchestrated and directed the professor. Antonazzo Bruno Carmeloranked thirteenth out of more than five hundred participating students and 130 works sent from all over Italy, thanks to the 5-minute podcast with which they define the character of the Italian scientist Fabiola GianottiDirector General of CERN, Geneva.

Liceo Scientifico was the only school in southern Italy to arrange between first twenty Educational institutions to participate in the competition, in fact, male and female students had to propose, through group work, a 5-minute podcast based on images of personalities from the world of science, heroes of the history of Italian physics, using at least one audio excerpt from the published videos available in the library infn media. The award consisted in posting on the National Institute of Physics’ Spreaker, Spotify, and Google Podcast channels for contributions deemed most significant by the evaluation panel, made up of INFN researchers and experts in the history and communication of science from the Office of Communications. from INFN.

To provide more insights and insights to the contest participants, INFN presented a 4-stream YouTube live course, titled “Physics in Super8. Discovery Stories”, on the history of the most important discoveries in physics in the 20th and 21st centuries related to the following areas: Elementary particles, the Higgs boson, gravitational waves, black holesthe.

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The ranking can be found at the following link: https://collisioni.infn.it/audioritratti-di-scienza-risultati-del-concorso-2023/. The students were congratulated by the school community and the principal Professor Giuseppe Bassi.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

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