“Osimin is nervous? At the end of the match everything will be settled. I will watch Milan and Juventus, I liked my father’s reaction after 1-1”

Another press conference by Luciano Spalletti Naples Salerno. matches Naples Salerno He ends up at Maradona’s stadium and talks Spalletti Napoli Football Conference After the twenty-third day of the calendar league. for him football Spalletti Live Conference.

Mail Napoli Salernitana Spalletti at the press conference. The Napoli coach spoke live after the match. Spalletti talks about Napoli at the conference. This is what CalcioNapoli24 highlights:

“The reaction was strong, and the players put things right after 1-1: this is what we will highlight in the match, we can make better use of some goals but as experts and determination, there is not a chain of endless possibilities of opportunities. We create different opportunities, and it seems We play on those balls there knowing that there may be another chance: there are no chances, we have to take advantage of chances and when we take advantage of the only possible chances we will be mature and good to say that it will be possible to look forward to important goals.

Milan and Juventus? I look at it because there will be something to learn from both teams, and I will learn something.

Osimin’s gesture and reaction at the end of the match? Victor is a tense footballer, but not moody but in terms of muscles: he gives paws and acceleration, at the end of the game it’s all over. When making certain assessments, we must also understand that if one person can register and the other cannot, then the safest solution should be chosen.

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Salerno? You have to drink availability and times each time without having to find excuses, otherwise the team will weaken even more. They must always believe they are the best, and act correctly and convincingly to bring in positive coaching and good thinking heads: it is essential.

First half numbers? If the team is in the standings like Salernitana in the first half, if you do not have physical and influential players in the duels, it is difficult to go and shoot on goal, to end up in the penalty area: football now is also a lot of fitness “

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