The mistake is glaring. Fognini laughs at him

The mistake is glaring.  Fognini laughs at him

Rome – Sparks, protests and provocations, as well as the brilliant plays of the two champions on the field. A match full of emotions in Foro Italico, one in between Fabio Fognini and Holger RohnTwo tennis players with the character “Smoke” challenge each other in the third round of… International from Italy. after The 35-year-old Azraq complaints against the referee Then it was the Dane’s turn to “lose his head.”

International in Italy: live today

Dane is losing his mind

The first game seemed destined now for 20-year-old Ron, who took a 5-2 lead. Then the Roman public began to annoy him to an extent Make him lose his temper. Error after error, it’s game over for the tennis blues thanks to an exciting oversight and smash that’s easier to do than miss. This is an exciting topic To indicate a gesture of anger towards General “harassments” of the forum. After a huge mistake that made the Dane lose the serving game (who won the set 6-4) and brought him back into the match Funinithe Italian tennis player let himself go with a liberating laugh, a gesture made in front of his runes who certainly did not take the Ligurian grimace well.

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