OnePlus 6 and 6T retire: the official announcement of the company has arrived

Bad news for all OnePlus 6 and 6T owners. The company had decided to send two former members of the highest category of “retirees”.

The world of smartphones is constantly evolving. It could actually end up with the most recently released top of the range in a couple of years. It is the “law of the market”, which pushes both producers and consumers to move forward and focus on increasingly advanced models in terms of Design and technical specifications.

OnePlus 6 and 6T will not receive system updates (screenshot)

This is also the case with oneplus Which, via an official post, has just announced that its models 6 and 6T will not receive any updates anymore. We’re talking about its top-of-the-range collection launched in 2018, which for years has been able to enjoy ongoing support between major updates, closed builds, and the Open Beta.

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OnePlus 6 and 6T will no longer receive updates

OnePlus 6 6T 20220116 (1)
The official announcement from the company has arrived (screenshot)

if you own OnePlus 6 o 6TThere is bad news for you: the company will no longer release updates for the two devices involved. It was launched in 2018, so the top two of the range stop at Android 11. Recently, there was a release of the stable version of OxygenOS 11The latest Maxi update is for the respective models. However, OnePlus focused a lot in the previous years and did everything possible to make the system software as complete as possible.

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just think of 3 major update chest and faithful Trenta building closed e open beta. We are talking about three years of continuous updates, and now it is more than enough given the life cycle of smartphones. The ball now passes into the hands of those who own one of the two devices in question. You can settle for the latest released version – even in terms of security – or switch to a file It was recently released.

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