One of the most dangerous mistakes is repeating

One of the mistakes is being very active again Earth quake More dangerous than United States. Since yesterday in the northwestern region in between Oregon e Washington, They recorded 40 Earthquakes Size between 3.5 and 5.8. No tsunami or specific damage was reported, but data experts are alarmed. Since 1700 Blanco fracture zone, Is the name given to this mistake, the most terrible earthquake on the American continent was unleashed. Major fluctuations Earthquake Recorded 200-250 miles west of Newport, Oregon’s main city. The tremor was felt by frightened citizens who took to the streets and squares of the city.

Opinion of the monitoring company

Earthquakes do not occur frequently in this part of the United States, but according to Harold Tobin, director of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Surveillance System at the University of Washington, these earthquakes will have a continuum. If you ask me where earthquakes are most likely to be reported on earth today, I would definitely say in the north of the United States.The expert interviewed on CNN explains. According to analysis and research by Oregon State University, the Blanco fracture zone is more active and dangerous than the infamous San Andreas bug in California.

It shook at a magnitude of 5.8

Yesterday alone, December 7, at least 9 earthquakes with magnitudes of 5.0 to 5.8 were reported, most of them at very shallow depths, only 10 kilometers from the surface. The annual average number of earthquakes above 5 magnitude in the region has tripled, according to data recorded yesterday.

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Oscillating and trembling earthquakes

Despite the risk of the Planco fracture zone, experts reassured citizens by explaining the differences and risks associated with different types of earthquakes. This fault is located 275 miles west of the Oregon coast, but so far the most frequently recorded seismic events and the most dangerous, the most traumatic, the most dangerous. “In technical terms they are called Strike-slip, i.e. the lateral movements of the crust blocks that slide laterally. These were recorded by our seismic maps. Fortunately, these are not startling.», Tobin explains to CNN broadcaster. “Because we are dealing with these earthquakes, there is no risk of a tsunami,” the expert concludes.

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