On the Trail of Human Evolution – SRM Science and Religion in the Media

On the Trail of Human Evolution – SRM Science and Religion in the Media

Science and Faith: Conference on the Footsteps of Human Evolution – Second: Case Study.

Conference in Rome, Tuesday, January 17, 2023, on the topic of human evolution, between faith and science. The event, which will take place from 17:10 to 18:40 in the Aula Magna of Papal Athens Regina Apostolorum, is promoted by the Master of Science and Faith. The speaker will be Giorgio Manzi, Professor of Anthropology at Sapienza University in Rome, and we publish a summary of the speech.

Summaries: “It is important to know our history in deep time and the history of our extinct ancestors and relatives. Today it is even more so, as we have become masters of the planet. So let us take a journey into our distant past: Lucy, that great spread from Africa and Neanderthals, the fragmentary skeletons and sites of before History, those of Paleolithic artifacts, those of Paleogenetics. It is the story of our origins and our nature, a story that must be revealed in order for it to become a collective heritage. This task represents an added value – of a philosophical and political nature – to Paleoanthropology.

In the second meeting, using one of the regions of the Earth that had special significance in the various stages of human evolution, some of the topics reviewed in the first meeting were explored – with fossils, Paleolithic artifacts and other documents from prehistoric times..

Professor Giorgio Manzi coordinates his PhD thesis in Environmental and Evolutionary Biology at Sapienza University in Rome. Academician of Lincei, author of more than 200 publications, in his research activity deals with morphology, ecology, human evolution and bioarcheology. As a pioneer of science, he is present and active in various media, as well as the author of educational narrative articles; Among the most recent (Il Molino, Bologna): The Great Tale of Human Evolution, 2013; Breaking Human Evolution News, 2017; The Last Neanderthals Tell: Prehistoric Stories, 2021.

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