Olbia: Art, Science and Magic

THE ILLUSION: Nothing is as it seems An exhibition co-produced by Science Fair Ireland and Trinity College Dublin in Olbia has opened. The ribbon-cutting was delegated to the Municipal Councilor for Budget and Planning Alessandro Fiorentino who expressed his satisfaction with the exhibition that, after Ireland, the United States and China, arrived in Sardinia, first in Cagliari, and finally in the capital of Gallura thanks to Opificio Innova’s commitment to collaboration with INNOIS and the Sardinia Foundation. The interactive exhibition combining art, science, and magic will be open to the public at the Naval Terminal site (1st floor) until mid-March 2022 and will also be open during the Christmas holidays (every day from 9-20, last entry at 7.15pm). Audiences of all ages will be able to admire the 19 facilities, using the principles of science: an experience that is fun, educational, immersive and stimulating, allowing us to explore how perception supports our way of seeing, feeling, thinking and understanding the world, and showing how what we perceive is often radically different from the reality we observe With our eyes.

ILLUSION features a series of artworks dealing with different types of illusions, from Nye Parry’s Important Bird, an audio illusion that explores how a single sine wave is isolated from a human voice recording, to Jennifer Townley’s Cubes, an aluminum sculpture built in the geometrical shape of A rhombus that gives the illusion of seeing six cubes, while in reality the perceived cubes result from the formation of three rhombus. Another work, The Hurwitz Singularity by Johnny Hurwitz, prompts us to engage with compositional structure even before the illusion is revealed.

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Prices: full: 10 euros, students and seniors: 8 euros, children up to 5 years: free, journalists: free. Persons with disabilities and their companions: free of charge. 50% discount for affiliate marketers. Special rates for teachers and school groups. Every Wednesday you get in at half price.

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