How to take more vacation and rest days than the days accumulated in the summer vacation or during the year

How to take more vacation and rest days than the days accumulated in the summer vacation or during the year

Vacations are a right to work and they are so identical that they are crystallized in the constitution. It is the period of absence from work that is regularly paid and calculated on the basis of the days actually worked during the year. The most common case involves a worker who is employed throughout the year – from January to December – on a full-time contract, regardless of whether it is fixed-term or permanent.

In addition to the characteristics listed in the category’s national employment contracts, they are all entitled to 4 weeks of vacation during the year, 2 of which are preferably used consecutively and another 2 in the following 18 months. But if an additional vacation period is needed, what do you do?

Can I attach leave permits to extend the leave?

The first way to extend the leave period is to combine the permits the worker may have. There are different types, but the premise is basic: this extra period of absence must be used precisely for the reasons for which it was granted and not to go on vacation. The risk is facing a heavy fine or even being fired.

Among the most notable paid permits provided for in the 2023 legislation are blood donation permits, public holiday permits, disabled permits, permits for mourning or the serious illness of a family member, roll or permits to reduce work permits or work permits. For medical visits, permits, and departures for personal reasons, Section 104 allows assistance to a family member with a serious disability.

Vacation and vacation with holidays

Even in the case of leave or leave, the reasons for granting it must be strictly adhered to. But even in this case we are dealing with tools that Extending the period of absence from work. The range of options is wide and also includes leave for study or serious family reasons, and paid leave for those who assist a family member with a disability. Two other tools that are finding applications in more structured companies are the time bank and the multi-period schedule.

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Basically, the employee works a few more hours than stipulated in the contract and this extra time ends up supplying a treasure trove to be tapped at the end of the year and converted into rest days. Naturally, it is necessary to comply with legal restrictions on overtime.

Finally, we remember that, being an inalienable right designed for the psychophysical recovery of the employee and therefore indispensable, holidays It must be compulsorily granted by the employer. However, the latter must take into account the needs of corporate organization. To be clear, leaves can be denied to a worker if the same period is requested for another employee with the same duties. In short, it doesn’t have to be motivated. In the opposite case or refusal of vacation, it can be denounced to the regional labor inspectorate.

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