Official Tesla Powerwall 3, on sale from 2024. All the news

Official Tesla Powerwall 3, on sale from 2024. All the news

Tesla provided Powerwall third generationHome system for storing photovoltaic electricity. The big news is that this time there’s an integrated solar inverter, making it a more complete system than the Powerwall 2 which was actually just a battery, plus it improves energy output.

Aesthetically, the differences with the previous Powerwall are few: you are faced with a white wardrobe with a glossy front, always white. However, instead of “Tesla”, there is now only “Tesla”. It was now the well recognizable stylized “T”.. The internal battery remains 13.5 kWh. Tesla promises that capacity can be expanded up to 40.5 kWh, and can accept up to 6 solar inputs simultaneously. The new Powerwall 3 will also be able to handle up to 11.5 kWh of constant power, while the Powerwall 2’s peak was just 10 kWh.

The news brings however Some defects: Unlike what we saw in the previous generation, Powerwall 3 is not compatible with solar inverters from other manufacturers nor with other batteries. It’s not even clear if the unit can be connected to pre-existing solar panels.

It will take some time before Powerwall 3 is available for purchase: Company Elon Musk He’s talking about early 2024. In the meantime, the Powerwall 2 and Powerwall Plus systems will still be available. We don’t even have information on prices, but for reference we remind you that the Powerwall 2 costs around 7-8000 euros (assembly included).

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