OD: Hideo Kojima took Phil Spencer to the horror game purge ceremony

OD: Hideo Kojima took Phil Spencer to the horror game purge ceremony

During the new broadcast of Hideo Kojima On the YouTube broadcast today there was also space for Organizational developmentthe author's new horror game developed by Kojima Productions in cooperation with Xbox: there are practically no specific details about the game, but Kojima revealed an interesting backstory, saying that he brought Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond at the purification ceremonyPerhaps to ward off demons from his terrifying output.

“Do you know when, before horror movies or series were created, people would go to Oharai time?” “Well,” Kojima explained during today's video. This game is scary“So we went to Oharai's party with Microsoft.”

Ohray, or Ōharae, is a traditional Japanese ritual held every two years that allows those gathered to purify themselves for any reason. Kojima seems to point out that it's customary for Japanese auteurs involved in particularly disturbing horror productions to participate in this event during production, so as to ward off demons, spirits, and such.

Game requires disinfection

Hideo Kojima in the moment video in which he talks about the concert with Phil Spencer

The strange thing is that Kojima, apparently, also brought along Phil Spencer and Sarah Bond. As you can also see in the photo above, the two appear next to Kojima during the ceremony, complete with them Traditional gangs He wears.

As for the rest, Hideo Kojima revealed practically nothing related to OD, only reporting that Information The game will be revealed “gradually”, so perhaps there will be time to learn more about this interesting production in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios, whose presentation we saw at The Game Awards.

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In the same video, Kojima also talked about Death Stranding 2 and Physint.

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