Moscow is bombing the Ukrainian ports necessary for the export of grain. Today, Erdogan meets Putin to resume the grain deal

Moscow is bombing the Ukrainian ports necessary for the export of grain. Today, Erdogan meets Putin to resume the grain deal

France will also train Ukrainian pilots

France joined the international coalition to train Ukrainian pilots. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelensky after yesterday’s phone call with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, in which the two leaders discussed Ukraine’s military needs and France’s possible participation in strengthening security in the Odessa region. Earlier, Zelensky said, on his official Telegram channel, that the two leaders also discussed France’s “active role” in implementing the Ukrainian peace formula ahead of the October 25-28 Global Peace Summit in New York. . Zelensky added that he entered into negotiations with Macron on security guarantees for Kiev, and they agreed to strengthen cooperation to protect Ukraine’s sea lanes.

To illustrate what kind of training France will be able to prepare for Ukrainian pilots waiting for the Dutch, Danish and Swedish Gripens F-16s, planes that Paris has not previously deployed.

EU: “The only plan on the table for peace is Zelensky’s plan. Putin? His word is a bit watered down”

“The Zelensky plan is the only one left on the table. It has our support as the European Union,” says EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell, in an interview with La Stampa newspaper. “We have to go ahead with the Ukrainian proposal.” Borrell adds: “The Ukrainians want peace.” More than anyone else in the world, it is Russia that refuses.” The EU commissioner stresses: “We are working for peace. But it must be a just peace, a peace that respects the rights of Ukrainians.” For peace, “We worked every day trying to do everything we could – stresses the former president of the European Parliament -. But everything becomes useless if Putin insists on saying that “the war will not end until we achieve the military goals we set for ourselves.” On the Ukrainian counterattack, Borrell says that “if you want it to succeed, you have to give Ukraine the means it needs.” “We must continue to support them. Without our help they will not be able to fight as they need to.” On Prigozhin’s death, the High Representative noted, “Putin could receive you in his palace one day and say to you, ‘What a mishap the next day.’” “Three days before the war, Putin said There will be no attack, and the invasion of Ukraine was a crazy idea, – the European representative recalls, – today his word is a little underestimated.

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Zaporizhia, three civilians were wounded by Russian bombing

Three civilians were wounded during yesterday’s Russian bombing of the Zaporizhia region, the head of the regional military administration, Yuri Malashko, reported the Ukrinform website. He added that the Russian forces launched more than 100 attacks throughout the day on residential areas, hitting 30 settlements. Damage to residential buildings, agricultural structures, and infrastructure was reported.

Russia attacks Ukrainian ports

Ukrainian air defenses shot down 17 drones targeting the Odessa region. Governor Oleg Kipper said this in a post on Telegram, adding that the attack on Port Izmail, on the Danube, lasted three and a half hours. He added that several buildings, including warehouses, were hit and agricultural machinery and industrial equipment were damaged. He added that several fires also broke out in civilian homes due to falling rubble, but there were no deaths or injuries.

Russia launched its second attack in two nights on Ukrainian ports. The Ukrainian Air Force also said that the drones targeted the nearby Keli district. Yesterday, Russia attacked the port of Reni on the Danube River. Moscow’s Defense Ministry said the drones hit fuel depots used by the Ukrainian military. Russia has increasingly targeted its port infrastructure since July, when it withdrew from a UN-brokered deal that allowed Ukraine to export its grain through Black Sea ports.

Putin welcomes Erdogan: It’s about wheat and gas

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan intends to discuss the feasibility of the wheat deal under the new UN terms with Russian President Vladimir Putin. A political source in Ankara told Tass news agency, explaining, “It is certain that the upcoming talks in Susei will mainly focus on the feasibility of the previous agreement on grain. The two leaders will carefully evaluate the new proposals developed by the United Nations with the participation of Türkiye. Yesterday morning newspaper reported that the package of new proposals of the United Nations provides for the start of negotiations to remove the restrictions imposed on Russian food producers, whose goods have been frozen in Europe. In addition, the United Nations suggests taking steps to assess damage to ammonia pipelines. Among the latest proposals from the United Nations is to relink the Russian Agricultural Bank (Rosselkhozbank) to SWIFT. It is also possible that Putin and Erdogan will discuss supplies of Russian natural gas. “In addition to the agreement on wheat, which will be a priority in the Erdogan-Putin meeting, it will be possible to discuss the supply of Russian natural gas to Europe via Turkey. The source added that the question is no less important, as it is related to the establishment of a natural gas center on Turkish soil.

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