Now you can cry, frost in the studio

Now you can cry, frost in the studio

Tg5 Special for Silvio Berlusconi, Barbara d’Urso is also there to share her memories: “He wanted me in Mediaset, with Marta Fascina, always follow me on TV”. Then Paulo Del Dipio said: “Once you go to the service, you have the right to cry as much as you like, because you stopped him throughout the interview.” The final great bewildered and froze in the studio.

Tg5 is special for Silvio BerlusconiThere is also Barbara D’Urso To share his memories:He wanted me in Mediaset e With Marta Fascina they always followed me on TVThen Paolo Del Depio:Once you go to the service, You are allowed to cry as much as you like, I saw you holding him back throughout the interviewGreat final bewilderment and frostbite in the studio. Video uploaded to Mediaset Infinity actually sectioned in conclusion.

Barbara d’Urso: “Berlusconi and Marta Fassina always looked up to me”

Barbara D’Urso, the guest caller from Afternoon Studios 5, began her talk like this: “I have deep sadness in my heart. I made this connection from the heart, in this studio I sit alone when I interview politicians and the last person I met was Silvio himself. He was connected from home, we chatted, cheerful as always, he loved me very much and respected me. Before recording, he told me that he was at home with Marta Fasina and wanted me to go and see them to get to know her, because she also followed me and respected me a lot“.

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Great confusion when he learned of the death of the knight: “Berlusconi was immortal, and we all knew he was unwell, but no one could have imagined that a few hours after his last hospitalization, he would be gone forever. In this study, the Fifth Afternoon Study, I always include singing and today instead All That Sadness Didn’t Allow It“.

L’Isola not broadcast due to Berlusconi’s death: Mediaset and Rai programming changes

“Money? The biggest reward was school with him.”

It is impossible not to return the tape and start from the beginning: “It was 1977. I had arrived in Milan from Naples, I was a model. Berlusconi wanted to create the first private television in Italy and he saw my picture from the agencies, he called me and I immediately started doing everythingas I used to do even a while ago in this company. How much did he pay me? I don’t know, I don’t rememberthe biggest reward was the gym set up with him at Mediaset“.

Barbara D'Urso in The pupa and the nerd

Barbara D’Urso in The pupa and the nerd

Barbara d’Urso repeatedly emphasizes that Berlusconi always watched her a lot on TV, because he was also the first fan of the TV she created. After the last primetime broadcast he hosted (The pupa and the nerd, ed), he called her and she thought it was because he wasn’t happy with the episode. Instead, she said, he told her over the phone:But no Barbara, you are so good, you know the appreciation I have for you, you are one of a kind, but I have to tell you that in my opinion She looked better in her promo-like Chanel bodysuit than in the maxi dress she chose in prime time. This also united me with Berlusconi, the attention to every detail“.

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