Not just Pjanic and Kiza: from Koulibaly and Sarri’s farewell with Napoli to Rebic and Handanovic, all the “suspicious” deals of Chiodi and Ramadani | first page

Football clubs cooperate and define themselves as calm In connection with the investigation coordinated by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, in cooperation with the Guardia di Finanza, regarding the various business operations of footballers and also regarding some coaches conducted by the famous prosecutors Pietro Chiudi and Valli Ramadan, Accused of tax evasion, various financial crimes and money laundering. Yesterday, Fiamme Gialle collected many documents and a lot of materials related to the major transfer market operations that witnessed the protagonist of Lian Spurs Ltd., the agency owned by Ramdani, which, according to Forbes magazine, manages a portfolio of $ 777 million and brought in commissions of $ 78 million, ranking third in the world. Under observation The accusations leveled against the accused refer in particular to Suspicious corporate movements in the Lien Galaxy, with tax offices in Malta, Ireland, Croatia and Bulgaria but then operating in Italy for all purposes. Thus ended the various market operations in which our football players participated in the eyes of the investigators. According to what I collected Corriere della SeraNot only the sale of Pjanic from Juventus to Barcelona and the transfer of Federico Chiesa from Fiorentina to Juventus: for example, Napoli had to submit documents related to the purchase of Koulibaly from Genk in 2014 and the termination of the contract with Sarri in 2018, while Inter were asked for more information regarding the renewal of goalkeeper and captain Samir Handanovic. Kalinic’s loan to Roma and Rebic’s arrival in Milan are also under scrutiny And the young striker Botic (today in Pordenone) in Turin in 2018. To end with the deals of Kalinic-Verona and Simic Spal.

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