“What does that mean?”, Dressed like this on stage – Libero Cottidiano

I Maneskin Continues to be a huge success United States. With the success of the San Remo Festival, after opening the way to success at Eurovision above all else, the Roman band became world famous: on the other hand, it is said that rock never dies and that it is with Maneskin. Enjoying the new season of victories. From a personal point of view, Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan are reducing the population.

The last meeting was at The Voice Usa, Maneskins was called on the occasion of the last episode. A valuable presence, it is a historical television show, now in its twenty-first edition and has more names on the jury: Haryana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Sheldon. Everyone who came for Maneskin’s performance in Medley in the songs ‘Beckin’ and ‘Mammamia’ was really crazy.

Among other things, the look did not go unnoticed: after an elegant display in a tuxedo and bow tie at one of the American Music Awards, Maneskin returned to their true identity, choosing luxurious and provocative outfits. In particular, Damiano appeared on stage in a wrestling suit. For Maneskin it was the eleventh success on American soil: they started with Jimmy Fallow’s Tonight Show, then they met Ellen DeGeneres and started the Rolling Stones concert in Las Vegas, finally with Ama and The Voice USA.

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