DCU Technology, winner of the European Technology Award

DCU Technology, winner of the European Technology Award

DCU Technology, winner of the European Technology AwardEuropean Technology Awards

Fourth edition of European Technology Awards They confessed last December 1, at the Ritz Paris, DCU technology company of Girona with the “Product Development” award.. The company won the production and distribution of technological products For its high-quality technological innovation with environmental commitment for a sustainable futureAccording to what the organization explained.

The awards ensure that Girona “strives to show that even technological accessories can combine function and style.” “With more than 25 people dedicated to its services and new facilities opening in 2024 that will include warehouses, offices and R&D space, the company has built a solid foundation for continued growth,” they say.

However, they say what sets technology company DCU apart from others is its focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. They say the company has joined the fight against single-use plastic consumption and actively encourages recycling and responsible consumption, rejecting the use-and-throw away mentality. «We understand that use and throw away is the enemy of our planet. Buying very cheap often costs twice as much», a report from the company.

In addition, they point out from Girona that “our ambition is to offer the best value for money to thousands of professionals in the electronics, audio and video sector and to promote the modern lifestyle that has become technological, where constant movement and flexibility of time and thought is the most important and priority for us.”

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