Box Office USA: Spider-Man is polarized

Action is not enough 355 Jessica Sostaine, along with Penelope Cruz and Diane Krueger, are expelled from the polar state Spider-Man: No Way Home. Synigomic grossed $ 33 million in 4-108 theaters for the fourth consecutive weekend at the North American box office, grossing a total of $ 668 million. Spider-Man: No Way Home Thus making it the sixth highest grosser in North America Titanic (659 million) e Jurassic World (652 million) is now too low to cross Avengers: Infinity War (678 million) and it is not far off Black leopard (700 million).
In second place is the animated Singh 2, which added $ 11.9 million to 3,713 theaters, for a total of $ 100 million. It is the first animated film to cross the 100 million mark after Frozen II (2019). On the other hand, the new entry action was introduced in third place 355 Simon Kinberg has grossed just $ 4.8 million in 3,145 theaters, and according to Variety, the film could go digital in 17 days and be released 45 days later on Universal’s streaming site Peacock.

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