New offer from Lidl ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ! The device that everyone wants in the color of a dream!

New offer from Lidl ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ!  The device that everyone wants in the color of a dream!

A truly unmissable show has just begun at Lidl. In fact, a pink microwave (and more) is available at a very low price.

A love of cooking also means always taking care of the environment in which you usually prepare lunch and dinner for your family and friends. And to maintain a pleasant environment to live in, The most important thing is to be able to rely on the right hardware. These are actually able to simplify everyday life, while helping to beautify the kitchen.


If you also have that desire, the advice is to run to Lidl! These days, there’s actually a really great show about microwaves. With a personality that doesn’t really remember It is actually possible to buy one in a pastel color Or a very special color. From pink to blue, new household appliances will conquer everyone and at the same time offer the possibility of preparing truly delicious dishes. Dishes you’ll love to make even more thanks to the beauty of your new oven.

This is the new great offer from Lidl

Being able to count on the amazing offers offered by many supermarkets every day is increasingly useful, especially when it is among these offerings dedicated to home appliances.
Just think about it de The food processor that Lild always suggests And starting today, the one Lidl suggested has just been added.

lidl ุนุฑุถ width
(lidl photo flyer)

The microwave oven on display from October 20 at Lidl is actually in different colors, pastel shades, and more. The one in the picture pink microwave oven But it is also possible to get one in a different color. Among those that are available, there is in fact blue, a very special and original color of anthracite.

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Turning to the technical characteristics, the microwave oven has 8 automatic programs and 5 energy levels. It has defrosting and quick start functions and is designed for the safety of young children.

The timer runs up to 95 minutes and beeps when it expires. And all in order to signal the end of cooking and prevent food from burning.
The capacity is 75 liters and it has a power of 700 watts.
Application very functional In the kitchen, this can help you create dishes ranging from the simplest to the most complex that will certainly be much easier for you to prepare.

And most of all, the price of a microwave at Lidl does not exceed 69 euros. Really low cost for such a powerful and functional device that, among other things, is available in truly unusual and therefore more popular colors.

As indicated in the supermarket flyer, it is a product that may run out before its due due to its extremely low cost and versatility. If you are interested, The advice is to rush to Lidl ASAP. This way you can take your new microwave home with you and start preparing all your favorite dishes.

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