A man is killed in a shooting in Riodelotes de la Selva and the Mossos family is searching for the perpetrators of the crime

A young man was killed and another was seriously injured following a quarrel in the area Industrial area in Riudelots de la Selva (Forest) Thursday afternoon.

The Mossos are investigating the facts and everything points to that A confrontation between two rival gangsperhaps for related issues drugs smuggling

The events took place at around 2:15 a.m. on Mas Vila Street. The Mossos have received warning that there are two groups of people fighting very violently outside the ship. With iron bars and at least one firearm.

The Batosa encountered a group of five individuals traveling in a car and another group of people who would be workers in a workshop in the area.

According to the first investigations, at least one member of the first group was killed Use a gun and fire several shotsresulting in the death of a man.

The emergency teams were unable to do anything to save his life, while they transferred him to the Giuseppe Trotta Hospital in Girona. Another person suffered a blow to the head. His condition is less serious and awaits improvement.

A bullet hit the windshield of a vehicle parked near the industrial building (cat. 3)

the Five people fled in a car With French registration, the Mossos d’Esquadra activated the cage device to intercept and arrest the suspects.

Controls were put in place with public security officers from various Basic Police Areas (ABP), officers from the Regional Operational Resource Region (ARRO) and traffic officers.

The judicial entourage moved to the industrial area that witnessed the events (3Cat)

The Criminal Investigation Department (DIC) of Mossos de Girona investigated the incidents. Agents were collecting evidence on the ground and had located them on the ground Broken glass From the getaway car, that is Bullet traces At least one car parked in the area.

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The police also took statements from several workers at the landfill who were Witnesses to the facts In some cases, they recorded the confrontation on a mobile phone.

Judicial procession, capçalada pel Duty Judge Santa Coloma de VarnerHe also traveled to the Riodellots de la Selva industrial area to remove the body.

Shortly before six o’clock in the evening, the body was transferred to the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Girona so that forensic medicine could perform an autopsy.

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