Netflix is ​​starting to increase the price of its subscriptions: only in the US now changes are here

Netflix has decided to increase its subscription fees in the United States. This is a tough blow for all fans of the site who fear it will increase to Italy, which generally follows the states closely. In the United States, the increase can vary from $ 1 to $ 2 per subscription, a number that can be felt in our pockets in a year.

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Netflix is ​​one now Most used streaming sites In this world. She was born in the United States and managed To establish itself throughout the world It expands its content further and further and keeps the price cheaper. Further Has a large membership in Italy For this type of subscription, it reveals some surprises in terms of costs in recent years.

The expected amount will increase

For a few years now The price of a subscription to a streaming site continues to rise Also this variation is justified by the high presence of multimedia content by Netflix. After all, it is Netflix reports development of original TV series More high quality images.

However, this Content increase Led to a Progressive increase in fees It usually hits the United States first and arrives in Italy in the coming months. In this case the increase will affect US users will be around $ 1 or $ 2 By subscription. But how will the subscription plan change?

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Basic, The service will change a little, Except for some new TV series and some new content. Subscription is always available Foundation This will allow viewing to a device Priced at $ 9.99. On the contrary, version Standard The possibility of having vision and HD resolution on both subscription devices is guaranteed At a price $ 15.49. Finally, subscribe Premium It guarantees playback on Ultra HD and four devices Priced at $ 19.99 per month.

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Justification of Netflix

After the first reviews came in, the company did not take long to release a statement justifying the increase. According to Netflix: “There are users More entertainment choices We look forward to providing our subscribers with a better experience than ever before. “. In fact, according to the company, Monthly fee updates Allows you to: “Continue a Offer a wide range of options Quality entertainment “.

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Anyway, this time There is no news of an increase for Europe or Italy, Where they stayed The same subscriptions that already exist. In fact, you can get the version The base is only 7.99 euros per month, the standard one at 12.99 and the premium one at 17.99.

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Although everything is quiet at the moment, Italy is likely to receive a cost increase in the coming months Subscriptions like USA. In fact, in recent years it has not been excluded from this phenomenon. In the beginning, remember when Netflix arrived in Italy in 2015, The basic plan price is € 7.99, the standard one is € 9.99 and finally the premium is 11.99.

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