Clashes in the streets after the aggression of Ivan Colonna, the separatist leader –

Clashes in the streets after the aggression of Ivan Colonna, the separatist leader –
to Claudio Del Frit

Convicted of murder, independence advocates are seen as a hero: in a coma after an attempted strangulation by an Islamist terrorist. Tens of thousands in the square of major cities

Corsica The risk of becoming a prominent issue in the school yearThe political agenda led by Emmanuel Macron In the presidential elections scheduled for less than a month in France. The main cities of the island have been shaken these days Riots in the streets and clashes with the police Dozens injured and arrests. Gasoline on a flame that does not go out fromCorsica independence kick out Evan ColonnaWho fought for French justice Terrorist sentenced to life imprisonment By killing “But for the islanders the hero of independence. On March 2, Colonna was the victim of an attack in Arles prison The autonomy movements attribute it to the French state responsibility for what happened.

The climate has precipitated it Interior Minister Gerard Darmian arrives in Ajaccio tomorrow: I will stay at least two days to negotiate with the protest leaders to propose a package of measures to address Corsica case. The squares of the island’s capital as well as Bastia and Corte (other protest spots) by doubt News Meanwhile, protests and demonstrations continue (albeit less intense).

The assault he was subjected to in prison by Evan Colonna and the protests that followed, say a lot The drain that relations between Paris and the ever-troubled island have reached. Colonna in prison since 1998 with a life sentence: the court held it Responsible for the assassination of the governor of Ajaccio, Claude Ireneac, which took place on February 6 of the same year; But on this side of the sea the prisoner remains above all A separatist leader. On March 2, in the prison of Arles, in the south of France, he was attacked by a cellmate, foreign fighter An African who returned from Afghanistan and was convicted of a crime Terrorism of Islamic origin. the last one chokes cologne until he reaches a coma; Some of the causes of brutal assault camel That the Corsican leader will pronounce against the prophet.

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The news crosses the Mediterranean and is interpreted in a very specific way: The authorities are accused of failing to provide protection – perfect – Colon safety. That was enough to erupt outrage. The first fires broke out in the courtTuesday to Bastia The most impressive, with At least 10,000 participants led to try Assault on the District Court and wounding 67 (44 between agents). Protests were repeated in Ile Ross and elsewhere. French statue killer! The slogan that gathered the Autonomous Front, chant the slogan Not by chance in the local language and not in the language of the motherland.

It didn’t take long for Paris to take countermeasures. But next to the request Stop violent demonstrations immediately The offer of dialogue adopted by Minister Darmian also arrived, it was said. The Executive listened to the requests of elected officials of Corsica – he said – and We will open a round of discussions. The outstretched hand did not reduce the maintenance. Declaration made by Darmian Not a step forward – cut it Petr’Antone Tomasi, freedom fighter of Corsica, interviews by local media – Ministers have met dozens of them in recent years. Do they promise us something extraordinary? We will evaluate as soon as the cards are placed on the table.

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