Chip, the new American bet worth $ 280 billion

Chip, the new American bet worth $ 280 billion

Semiconductorspushed by the United States to increase competitiveness with China. The new measures are the result $280 billion bipartisan bill To increase US domestic high-tech production. The goal is to relieve the United States’ dependence on foreign supply chains for vital goods. The axis has also been strengthened with other Asian countries: in 4 . chip South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Companies in the game

while micron Work on a plan from 40 billion dollars To increase the domestic production of memory chips, while Qualcomm and GlobalFoundries Refer to expand worth $4.2 billion of a chip manufacturing facility in upstate New York.

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Specifically, Micron plans to start manufacturing chips after 2025. The company has announced that it will even create 40 thousand jobs. The investment is financed with expected subsidies from the government.

The axis has been strengthened with other Asian countries

The US axis has also been strengthened with other Asian countries: in Chip 4 South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. South Korean press reports said that Seoul’s decision to join the “Chip4” alliance was accelerated due to recent tensions with China, and fear of Beijing’s retaliation for the possible publication of US strategic military assets on the territory of South Korea.

South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol said yesterday that the former introductory meeting From the new form of cooperation can be held no later than September.

“With regard to the issue of participation in the fourth tranche, all relevant ministries are carefully studying the matter from the perspective of the national interest,” the president said. But the Minister of Industry, Li Changyang, pointed out that South Korea “does not intend to join an exclusive group that ostracizes some countries, such as China.”He added that Seoul’s participation in the Chip-4 alliance would be a “purely economic issue.”

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