More than 50 killed in an Israeli raid on Gaza in Jabalia market – news

More than 50 killed in an Israeli raid on Gaza in Jabalia market – news

Israeli planes bombed the fruit and vegetable market in JabaliaNorth of the Strip, and it was very crowded at that time. Eyewitnesses reported that there were dozens of bodies at the scene. Gaza Hospital announced this later Deaths are more than 50. The people – according to the same sources – provided first aid to the injured.

Order of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant The “total siege” on the Gaza Strip. “I have ordered a complete siege: There will be no electricity, no food, and no gasoline. “Everything is closed,” Galant added after a security consultation at the Southern Command in Beersheba. The media quoted him as saying: “We are fighting human animals and we will act accordingly.”

Meanwhile, Hamas announces this Four Israeli prisoners were killed in Israeli raids on Gaza In the last hours.

Tension remains very high. Sirens sounded in the central region of Israel, in Jerusalem, and on the northern border with Lebanon.

According to the Washington Post, the United States expects a large-scale ground operation against Hamas in Gaza within the next 24 to 48 hours. In fact, Israel asked the United States for Iron Dome missiles, small-diameter bombs, machine gun munitions, and greater intelligence-sharing cooperation to respond to the harsh attack by Hamas.

Meanwhile, the new Israeli death toll continues to rise, reaching 800. There are 2,500 injured, many of them in serious condition. Then there will be 750 missing people and at least 100 hostages in the hands of Hamas. Among them are Americans and Germans. 260 people died due to the ravings of young pacifists in the desert. The death toll in Gaza as a result of Israeli attacks rose to 436 people, in addition to 2,270 wounded. “The government expresses its closeness and solidarity with the people of Israel and the Italian Jewish communities. Terrorism will never win“, he commented Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

to know more ANSA 300 reservists leave Fiumicino, NOAA story – News “I am trying to leave from Fiumicino Airport, it is my duty. With me are more than 300 boys who were called up by the Israeli army as reservists on active duty.

In the morning, army spokesman Daniel Hagari confirmed this Israel regained control of all towns on the Gaza border And The Israeli army announced, according to local media, that approx 80 terrorists were found in the country overnightWhile fighting continued in six locations along the border with Gaza. The army bombed at least 800 Hamas targets in Gaza.

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To the residents Sderot, a town close to the Strip, was once again ordered to barricade himself in his home and not open the door to anyone. The Israeli army spokesman said a short time ago that militants from Gaza continue to infiltrate Israeli territory. The media reported that gunfire took place between soldiers and militia members, and according to the same information, “4 terrorists were killed.”

While Tehran denies any involvement in the attacks, Xinhua News Agency, citing a source from the Islamic Resistance Movement, claims that “with the support of the United States, Qatar is trying to reach an urgent agreement that would lead to the release of the Israeli women “She was captured by Hamas in exchange for the release of Palestinian women detained in Israeli prisons.”

Tehran: We are with Hamas, but we are not behind the attacks

“We proudly and steadfastly support Palestine, but we do not participate in the Palestinian response (the attack on Israel, ed.), which was carried out only by the Palestinians”: Iran’s mission to the United Nations announced this in a statement, referring to Hamas’ attacks against the Jewish state. “The action of the Palestinian resistance was a completely legitimate defense against the crimes and usurpations of the illegitimate Zionist regime,” we read again in the statement of the Tehran mission.

Israel regains control of areas near Gaza

Israel regained control of all towns on the Gaza border. Army spokesman Daniel Hagari said this, adding that the clashes between soldiers and Hamas militia members in the past few hours were “isolated.” Hagari then explained that 3 militiamen were killed in the Shaar Hanegev area, one in the village of Beri, 5 in Holit and Sufa, and 4 in Alumim, making a total of 13. “At the moment – he stressed – there is no fighting, things are continuing, but it is possible that there will be There are terrorists in the region.” Furthermore, breaches of the defensive barrier will be secured with tanks.

United Nations alarm: More than 123,000 people have been displaced in the Gaza Strip

The United Nations Office for Humanitarian Affairs reported that more than 123,000 people were displaced in the Gaza Strip. The United Nations humanitarian agency, OCHA, reported that “more than 123,538 people have been displaced within Gaza, mainly due to fear, protection issues and the destruction of their homes,” with more than 73,000 refugees in schools.

The Lebanese Foreign Minister confirms: ‘Hezbollah does not intervene unless it is attacked’

Lebanese Foreign Minister Abdullah Bou Habib said in the past few hours that he had received guarantees from Hezbollah leaders that the armed party loyal to Iran would not interfere in the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel if it was not attacked by the Israelis. The Lebanese Central News Agency quoted the Lebanese Foreign Minister as saying: “Hezbollah promised us that it does not intend to interfere in the war in Gaza unless Israel commits aggression” against Lebanon.

“The worst day in the history of Israel”

“The worst day in the history of Israel” This is what the IDF spokesman said: “Fighting is still ongoing in southern Israel, terrorists are still present in the country, and about a thousand bloodthirsty Palestinians have entered, moving from house to house, and from building to building, slaughtering Israeli civilians and soldiers. Unfortunately, the number The astronomical figure of 700 Israelis killed is a staggering number.” An IDF spokesman said overnight, posting a video on

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