More and more ambitious women in power will not soon be satisfied with the role of society

More and more ambitious women in power will not soon be satisfied with the role of society

by Roberta Ravello

A recent study by the European Consortium for Research in Advanced Political Science (ECPR) analyzed sympathizers with Swedish Feminist PartyFi (Feminist Initiative), the most successful in Europe, is trying to understand its orientation. The results showed that sympathizers are predominantly young, female, and highly educated, sharing not only the feminist views of the Fai, but alsoLeft party ideology. When analyzing voting, the predominant reasons for voting are ideological, but other considerations such as the desire for something new in politics also come into play. Reasons not to vote for Fi, even for her sympathizers, include tactical considerations – the party Seen as new or too young To have real impact – but also to question feminism as a party ideology in its own right, in which economic and social interests not categorized by gender are also taken into account in the vote.

A similar study, conducted in the United States, revealed how is the Democratic Party Maintained leadership over electric women, especially educated white women, young and single women, and working women. Data shows that female voters generally prefer female candidates more than men. However, many women still choose the party – and its politics – overCandidate’s gender identity. In the lead-up to 2020, women made up 47% of Democratic candidates and 23% of Republican candidates for the United States House of Representatives. The result was that of the 101 women elected to the House of Representatives in 2020, the Democratic Party elected 88 women. These were record numbers in nominations for both parties.

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The situation of women’s representation in politics looks similar when analyzed Italian Nominations for Upcoming Politics. Women seem more present than they were in previous elections. Another emerging fact should be emphasized. Although leadership positions are often still in the hands of men, women are increasingly making a difference in grassroots movements. For example, almost nothing The difference between the sexes It appears in new forms of political engagement, such as reading, sharing and discussing politics on social media. Women are making great strides over men as well in campaigning, as a “resource” for disseminating content and for collecting funds, signatures and favors for parties.

In short, women They exercise political power from within and without Voting booth, actresses are becoming more and more central in the elections. Of course, women do not speak with one voice or one party, but rather from voting to mobilizing to donate, and their influence and tendencies. They are more and more severe As for the election results, unlike Sweden and the United States, educated, working, young and single women and feminists show a preference for those parties on the left axis, which are more involved in the struggle for social rights, the social environment and the climate.

We are one step away from building bridges political divide Between women and men, in Italy as elsewhere, women are increasingly channeling frustration into cooperation, forming solidarity groups and campaigning to elect women who support them. In conclusion, not only women They are more interested in getting into politics, as evidenced by the upcoming September elections, which see many candidates in different parties, but their ambitions are also increasing. Soon they will not be satisfied with the roles of wingmen and will aim for leadership. Only then can we say it gender equality It has been achieved in politics.

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