Montero after Bologna – Juventus 3-3, press conference and interviews: live broadcast

Montero after Bologna – Juventus 3-3, press conference and interviews: live broadcast


Yildiz: “I will always give my best for Juve. And on number ten…”

Star to DAZN: “It’s not important which goal was better between Frosinone and Bologna, they are two beautiful goals. But this goal is for the team because we did not give up and it was important not to lose this match. It has been a long season.” For me first, but I am happy with what I did. Juventus means everything to me and I will always thank them, and I can only say that I will give everything I have for this shirt and will never back down. But I don’t think about it now, I want to thank my family for everything they do for me.”


Montero: “Yildiz? I found him to be more than a man.”

Montero at the conference: “I don’t have the Juventus DNA, which is sacrifice, work and family, that’s what I’ve learned since I arrived. Today the players showed that they have determination. The season is positive for me because they achieved the goals I set at the beginning of the season. Yildiz? I found him more masculine and more mature and it is only natural that he will continue to grow to reach a higher level. “The only way to get better is to work.”


Locatelli: “I think this season should end”

From the site to DAZN: “I think it’s better to talk about the second half, because if we talk about the first half… we have to be balanced and objective. We had an unacceptable first half, it’s true that the final takes up your energy and what you do.” We want to, but we can’t play this way. Ultimately, it is not a coincidence that we tied the match, we believed in it and that was important. I think this season should end because it was difficult for everyone, but in the end, the facts speak for themselves: we won the Italian Cup and qualified for the Champions League, And winning the title was liberating after three years where we didn’t do it, and then we all went through what happened, but guys. We have to thank the coach because he gave us a lot, but we focused more on winning because we also need to enjoy the happy moments. Did the rumors about the coach’s future affect us? If we follow everything they say we won’t live anymore whether you love him or hate him, others hate him, we Juventus fans love him. In the end we made a mistake after Inter. We need to play better, try to keep the ball so it is important in my characteristics. This is not blaming or criticizing anyone, but rather a fact. When analyzing the matches of the season, we made a lot of technical errors and when others have the ball, you get angry with your teammates. So in these great teams you need the result. “We must congratulate Bologna and Thiago Motta, and I also want to remember Mihajlovic because he laid the foundations.”

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Montero: “Hugging Thiago Motta? I’ll explain”

Montero: “A hug with Thiago Motta? I praised him for the year he had. We lived together for 45 days in Coverciano, and I met him there. He is a great man and he deserves it.”


Monteiro: “I found a team with a good spirit”

Montero :”I found a team with good spirit, and for me that was in the last thirty minutes of the second half. Then when you’re not inside it’s hard to give an opinion. “When I played I was part of a certain dynamic, and now I can’t say anything.”


Montero: “The boys gave me great joy”

Montero: “Feelings? I don’t know how to describe them. They gave me such joy that I felt sorry for them. I’ve been here for two days and they treated me wonderfully without knowing me. Ambrosini knows it and finds it.” Some victories require great men, and they are great men.”


Monteiro: “After big victories, it is normal to decline.”

Montero to DAZN: He added: “In my opinion, the draw is fair and Ambrosini, who won everything, should know that after an important win like the one he achieved on Wednesday.” (Italian Cup, ed.) Mentally he falls a little. It will suffer if relegation comes against one of the best teams at the moment, such as Bologna. Then the pride of the boys emerged and they showed their attachment to this shirt.”


After a double lead on eleven minutes, cheers for Allegri

Juventus fans chanted slogans in support of Allegri after Bologna’s 2-0 victory.

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Montero’s face after Bologna’s third goal

Montero’s reaction to Calafiore’s drill for the 3-0 moment: Watch it here


Bologna – Juventus 3-3: Montero’s statements coming soon

Paolo Monteiro’s Juventus caught up with Thiago Motta’s Bologna after trailing by three goals: Juventus coach’s words coming soon

Bologna – Dallara Stadium

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